Screen upgrade?


would be nice to find a better screen for the Analog Rytm - preferably an OLED which looks as good as the Digitakt screen!

I’m no electronics guy and have never replaced a screen on any Elektron machine. But if we found the right type of screen, it should be not that difficult to install, hopefully. pretty sure it’s an off-the-shelf module anyway…

So… guess we need the exact specs of that module, and find a replacement which has the same I/O and electric specs…

Unfortunately the 122x32 layout is not very widely used it seems, which makes it a bit tricky. Googling around a bit hasn’t yielded 122x32 OLEDs at all - but would be surprised if it doesn’t exists tbh, Shenzhen etc…

If there is no OLED, maybe a different display tech? Or simply a higher quality LCD…?

If there is one, it’s probably also good for A4/AK…

I don’t have a torx driver rn and the UI board just has a ridiculous amount of torx screws… so here’s at least a peek at the screen from inside:


certainly one here to keep your(our) search alive … fairly sure there are reports of screen swapping (if not upgrading) done by users at home on these pages

edit : size may differ !


ah yes, thanks…! yeah I think the board where the actual display is mounted on is a different type… dunno how to find out compatibility… I’ll try my luck contacting HQ tomorrow…

most sophisticated screen upgrade thread is this one I think:

but it focuses on MD - different display… haven’t seen one for AR/A4 yet…


General pics of the guts of the box/pcbs unearthed so far (don’t go further) would be nice to see … asking for a friend :wink:


I’m on the hunt too :thup:

I briefly looked a few months ago for 122x32 OLEDs for my AR with no luck. Currently I’m searching out 128x64 OLEDs for my OT, but common screen sizes are smaller than the LCDs that are available, so this approach would require a bezel around the screen to cover the gap.


@panelist Here’s a link to a post from a member who had screen upgrades for OT and may have more in the future or perhaps some useful info…



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now that I can get into


cool! So that’s the guy to contact re power consumption etc…
guess it’s the same type of LCD tho?


I’m waiting on a response from the seller re: display type


Wait untill the mk2’s are out and hope the new OLEDs fit in the mk1…


I got display from that ebay seller…

You can find some pictures here:

it is not OLED screen, it is just negative LCD… colour of background is dark blue, not black…


Hey @void, did you make any progress with this?
Definitely interested in an OLED for my A4/RYTM.

What about this one?

Very limited technical info on the website though. Will ask them if they have a product data sheet.

Edit: sorry @avantronica, hadn’t noticed you’d posted the same link.


Has anyone successfully installed one of these in a RYTM/A4?


I requested a data sheet, but they never sent me one.
Otherwise I have been completely unable to find another 122x32 OLED screen.
128x32 OLED - no problem, but not 122x32.


It depends on the controller, power requirements, and footprint of the display. It should be possible if these variables match.


I think this screen from reveltronics actually isnt 122 pixels wide. I think its the same screen as this - and this


Why do you think that?


the LCD screens for the same computer are 122x32
is there a reason you think it isn’t as advertised?