Red eye

Hey, I’m a recent Octatrack convert and love the Elektron sequencer and work flow. I am now thinking of adding a machinedrum to the arsenal and wanted to know if the red screen is an issue for any of you. I have spoken to a few guys who couldn’t stand the red screen…

Thanks in advance.

I would liked a lot that red screen on the other boxes too!

no issues here,

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No issues here either.

I prefer the red screen

I like it as well. It’s a nice contrast. You could always swap it out if you had the want and the money - ala’ Highsage style

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Yeah ok great to hear no one has any real issues. It’s one thing to look at one but it’s good to hear from people who have put in some hours looking at it.


I prefer the new white displays, but the red one is sexy in it´s own way, part of the MD feel/programming experience.

anyone knows the model of display used? I would like to get one like the Monomachine for my MD, tnx.

I love the red screen, would love it on all the machines.

Some people has said that it bothers them though…

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I like how all the red LEDS dance around the red screen when a pattern is done and you take a step back to look and listen.
It’s a very nice design, always inviting me over to spend some time with it.

hmm, should be easy to tuck a translucent red film behind the screen shield for that.

edit: the dinosaur-shaped 3D glasses say it would look good.

the photo makes it look yellow but it’s a nice red IRL.


^^Done deal :slight_smile: Will post photos if I succeed!


:slight_smile: red sunglasses!


green looks nice too :slight_smile:

red display is fine … looking at me A4’s white display … naah its fine … one is as good as the other. … but sell me one with an OLED and I marry you :wink:

I find the red display of the MD a less readable than my MnM and OT, especially off axis. It definitely has less contrast. It’s okay when looking at it straight on (e.g. standing up and using it on a tabletop), so I’ll probably fix this by getting a stand of some sort to hold it up at an angle.

It’d be nice to have LCD brightness/contrast control, or… like TrabanT said… OLED. :slight_smile: Certainly not a deal breaker by any means.

Agreed. I have to use the MD directly in front of me, with the MnM to it’s left. I find it takes a little adjustment jumping from monitor to MD but the red screen kinda helps when I just want to focus on the MD. It’s just another facet of the instrument’s unique character. :wink:

I find the screen a little too bright after a few hours in a dark room.

I usually have a small rectangular piece of window tint sitting over the display.

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There is a contrast control under the faceplate to the left of the lcd. It can be adjusted using a flathead screwdriver, clockwise is -, counter clockwise is +…


Ya know ive had a md for a long time, and never really noticed the screen was a bit red :confused:

I guess it doest bother me lol