Screen upgrade?


A while back, I found the brand of display module that’s used in the Analog Four. (link below) It matches the one in the excellent teardown by Pete Brown (aka psychlist). It’s probably safe to assume it’s the same display in the Rytm. Maybe the specs might help the search for a matching OLED? I was never able to find one. The size is one thing, matching interface protocol might be a challenge? Out of my league here, but it seems so do-able. There are a lot of folks doing OLED upgrades for other old synths…

Here’s the original display module used in the A4, and likely the Rytm. Maybe someone with some deeper tech knowledge could comment on swap-ability with OLEDs…?

Winstar 122x32 Graphic LCD Display Module

Model No. WG12232A

►Available for internal oscillation (A Type), External oscillation (C Type) 2KHz
►Built-in controller Avant (SBN1661G) or equivalent
►1/32 duty cycle
►Negative voltage optional for +3V power supply
►Chinese version: WG12232L
►Interface: 6800


finally got around to looking at the technical drawings and it wouldn’t be a drop-in replacement (if possible at all). different screen dimensions, footprint, header position…


Yeah. I’d definitely spotted the header position issues - centred on the reveltronics screen, but offset on the A4 teardown (presumably the same for the RYTM?).


A higher resolution screen so we can have detailed fonts and graphics (and less abbreviations) like the screen in Push2 would be awesome … but this would require more than just swapping the display.


Header offset is not a big deal, you just have to use a ribbon cable instead of pins. The mounting holes are in different positions, so you’d need to make some sort of adapter plate in order to use the existing standoff holes.


Hi Guys, I’m from REVELTRONICS and going to help you. The LCD 122x32 and OLED 122x32 we are using for UTCOMP-3 are two different displays with different connections. OLED for UTCOMP has adapter on the bottom so it fits with 1 to 1 with LCD connections and it has +5V to 3.3V signal converters on the board (so it tollerates 5V supply and signals as LCD). Unfortunatelly, OLED uses different procedures for display control in firmware, because it has different driver on the board (SSD1305 vs. SED1520) so it will NOT work as direct replacement in your devices (our device detect connected display type so it can control both). As I know there is no still direct OLED replacement on the market for LCD 122x32…


Thanks for the info. Dissapointing, but it’s great to get feedback from an expert.


Cool. Thanks for the lowdown.
At least we can put that option to bed.


anyone found replacement ? my a 4 display is gone


If it’s still within the 3 year warranty period, you could contact Elektron support.


Not sure how significant this is, but Winstar the apparent manufacturer of the mk1 display released an OLED/board a couple months ago that nearly fits the dimensions and resolution. Model WEP012832A


My a4 mk1 display is dying too.


Hi @rvl is there still no Reveltronics compatible OLED available for replacing a 122x32 LDC? Thanks!!



It’s no OLED, but at least it’s an option. Thanks!


wow… tempted to get one for my blofeld



My damn RYTM screen is toasted.


Well, I just ordered one of the white-on-black screens. Will report back here on how the install went.


White on black is definitely more read-able. Noticed graphics on my A4 that I hadn’t with my old display. Worth it. Not to bad to pull off skill wise. Maybe a bit of hassle to pull of the old display.

Looks a bit more awesome when powered down as well, black versus grey.


Was this bought from the link I gave earlier? Thinking of doing this to my A4.