Science Lab Challenge, February 2015

It’s competition time!

Your mission is to create a new track using nothing more than one (1) sample. The sample will be provided by Elektron.

Get the sample here

[li]The competition is open to anyone with an Elektron machine with sample capabilities (i.e. Octatrack, Machinedrum UW, Analog Rytm)[/li]
[li]Each contestant may submit one track only[/li]
[li]The track length must be between one and three minutes[/li]
[li]The entire track must be created with one physical machine and only using the sample (i.e. no synthesis allowed)[/li]
[li]The original sample must be uploaded to your machine without modification[/li]
[li]No re-sampling allowed[/li]
[li]No post-production or editing of the track is allowed[/li]
[li]There will be one winner and two runners-up selected by a jury consisting of Elektron employees[/li]
[li]The decision of the jury is final[/li]
[li]All submitted tracks will be uploaded and available for public listening on the Elektronauts SoundCloud account[/li]
[li]Gentle compression and limiting may be applied by Elektron to each track before uploading to SoundCloud, in order to get a balanced volume level between all entries[/li]
[li]The sysex files of the overall winner and the two runners-up will be shared with the Elektronauts community[/li]
[li]Failure to provide a valid sysex file upon request will result in disqualification[/li]

Submitting your track
Send a direct message to user fredrikalm on Elektronauts containing a link to a downloadable MP3-320 version of your track. By sending us a link to your track, you grant Elektron a license to upload it to our SoundCloud accounts for public listening.

Please name your file according to the following template: [machine] - Elektronauts Username - Track Name.mp3, where [machine] is MD, OT or AR depending on which machine you have used.

[li]Three tracks will be nominated: one track made using the Octatrack, one using the Machinedrum UW, and one using the Analog Rytm.[/li]
[li]Of the three tracks, one will be selected as overall winner. The prize is an Elektron machine of choice[/li]
[li]The remaining two tracks will be runners-up. The runners-up will receive a Majls x Elektron clothing item of their choice.[/li]

[li]The sample is available for download from the Files section of right now[/li]
[li]The deadline for submission is Friday the 27th of February, 1PM CET[/li]
[li]All submitted tracks will be uploaded to the Elektronauts SoundCloud account soon after deadline[/li]
[li]The winners will be announced on Friday the 6th of March[/li]

2015-02-18: Updated “Submitting your track” with a file naming template.

This will be interesting…

this is very cool =]

Cool! The no-resampling rule - Does it apply to use of the RAM machines on the MD?

looks like much fun.

So its allowed to chop, slice and so on?

this is so awesome. YES ELEKTRON! way to shake things up around here.

Yes, no RAM sampling :slight_smile:

I don’t understand the “no synthesis” rule.

In the case of the AR, does that mean that one should :

  • not use the analog engines
  • use the sample player only with this sample

and do whatever he wants otherwise?

Then record the final track and not edit it once recorded?


whooohuuu! :slight_smile: this is great!

it’s on, bros.

Thats right, only Sample playback manupilation with the given sample is allowed.

The track should be recorded on to an external device with no editing, processing, compression etc. done on the recorded waveform.

I’m in - but i always end up making a swamp sound effect track it seems… Maybe the MD is the way to go on this one.

Ooh! This will be fun! I just picked up and Octatrack last week! :slight_smile:

so basically, we get the sample in the machine and do whatever we want to it (without re-sampling, which on the AR won’t be an issues i guess)
nnnice!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh yeah! Just registered here today and this happened! better fire up my OT and start mangling right away!!! + the deadline on my birthday;)

haven’t seen it mentioned but i’m assuming one can use more than one pattern as long as the track is between one and three minutes long, or is there a max number of patterns?

On the OT, can we slice ? Or we just load the sample and don’t touch any of its start-loop-end points and parameters ?

Cant wait to hear this…get to it guys!!!

Good idra… i’m in :+1: