Rytm tips and tricks

yup either buy a Rytm MK1 or something else like a Tanzbar or Vermona. Still the 8 tracks and p locks are nice. I am waiting due to MK2 bugs not fixed yet.

We get the notifications, so your message came through. Don’t be upset :heart:


Yeah where is that MK2 tutorial that I was gonna make in late 2017?


Life gets in the way and you are a very busy person Cuckoo like the rest of us so I totally understand!


Whenever you get around to it, I’ll be here to watch it, @cuckoomusic!
No rush, also learning so much from the live performance series you are doing now.
Thank you for teaching me many things :heart:


quality post

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thanks o much, i absorb all your posts :laughing:

yes lets get this topic going again :slight_smile: 2019!
more tips and tricks!


Indeed, I’ve just picked up Mk1 and am loving my first jam on it!!

This thread is shamed by similar ones for the OT or even DT! :cry:


A way to mimic Ctrl-all for the Rytm:

You need a separate midi controller. I use and describe it here with the Octatrack.

  • Set all tracks of the Rytm (or at least the tracks you want to control) to the same midi channel.
  • On the Octatrack, set one or more midi tracks to this channel.
  • In the Rytm Manual take the general midi list and pick up the cc numbers for the parameters you like to control.
  • Now set up the cc-controllers of the OT Miditrack(s) to this numbers.
    For more overview i use different midi tracks for different RytmPages:
    midi track 1 - synth page
    midi track 2 - sample page

That’s it. You have Ctrl-all for your Rytm.
So you have for example the cutoff or the sampleslot or the synth decay of all tracks on one knob. You can twist thru all the parameters for drastic and spontaneous changes and then easily reload the kit on the Rytm.

This will also work for the analog four.

Have fun!


Cool. Wonder if you can do this with a MIDI loopback. Plug AR MIDI out to AR MIDI in…

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Is this working for you controlling all 12 channels at the same time, filter cutoff for example?
When I tried this my AR would start choking if I turned the knobs too fast, it was on an older OS on ARMKI… Had to move to assigning the AR parameters to a performance pad and controlling that…
-Control All on Rytm

A thought I just had… I wonder if you can just target 8 channels since 4 are duplicates? I wonder if that had anything to do with my midi overload? Can’t test, but will when I can…

The AR doesn’t have a lot of input bandwidth. It will start choking if you send it more than handful of CC’s at the same time.


That’s right. You must be careful not to confuse him. I had a freezing while I twist to much, but general it works. On all 12 Tracks.

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That really shouldn’t be happening. If it’s really MIDI overload causing the freeze I would write out the exact procedure to reproduce it and send it to Elektron support so they can fix it. No device should freeze on MIDI CC’s, and def not a high-end one like this.

It doesn’t freeze necessarily just UI a bit unresponsive for a second, and this is when all 12 voices are set to the same midi channel, haven’t tested the same with all separate channels but I believe that works fine as per @JohnnyEgo’s axoloti patch…..immediate Control of ALL Machines

But sure if they can get it to work I gladly accept…

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great stuff really enjoyed the post,
anyone know if headphones can cue up the sound on a track ?

prob not but i saw there was a solo which is great
maybe there is a cue ( listen to sound over headphones before sending out main audio out )

found a lil combo (if not mentioned already) that might be useful to someone:

in Mute mode, holding Function+track will arm the track(s) to be either muted/unmuted. the track(s) will then be muted/unmuted when Function is released but…before releasing Function, pressing Tempo will allow to release Function with nothing happening; only pressing Function again will then mute/unmute the selected track(s) :smiley_cat:

Mute mode:

  • hold Function+select track(s) to be muted/unmuted
  • keep holding Function, press Tempo
  • release Function
  • press Function again when needed

tested on AR MKI 1.31


…and it works on the A4 too :smile_cat:

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