..immediate Control of ALL Machines

Hey guys,

after some inspirational moments with the SMD(which is awesome) from @guga, i’ve decided an hour ago to build an ALL Control Patch for any Elektron device on the Axoloti. http://www.axoloti.com

I’ve now 14 potentiometers to control 14x Parameters with an ALL destination.

like filter, and delay rev. sends and such… but to control ALL sample levels with one knob and ALL Synth levels with another gives you the possibility to mix completely between those Analog/Digital sets.

if you’re familiar with the Axoloti…the Patch looks like this (x14)

of course…it’s huge to read but less than 12% load level. which is best. it’s even possible to run a full poly synth in the background. fully tweakable.



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cool. so i am guessing you have elektron device and axololti connected to computer and have the midi cc’s transmitted over USB, correct?

no it’s a standalone unit! with Analog Pots. :slight_smile:
midi via Din or USB. no display. pure 14 Knob ALL control.


Dude! What are the 1/4" I/O jacks for?

Input and Output. lil one is additional Headphone out.
you can even use them with any kind of footswitch.


Where did you get this wonderful case? I’ve been looking into an Axoloti but haven’t found any good case designs for purchase. I like this design with the pots as well.

Are they available for purchase somewhere? I think this might replace my micromodular.


Yeah. Definitely got a Nord micro look about it. Awesome

@adnauseam …i’ve bought it well made. from a user on the axoloti forum.

PM if you are interested. :wink:

somebody’s using Axoloti/PureData recently for such purpose?

btw you can easily disable spare tracks from that midi chain in the midi prefs of the Rytm.

to control not ALL, just 4 or 8 or 2 or 1 track.

no more GAS trouble. just inventing.

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master everything.

Hi Johnny
did you build the 14 knob controller on your own or is it sold somewhere?
This bix looks highly interesing.

and another one :slight_smile:
would you like to share your axoloti patch?
I really would like to give a try …

ControlAll.axp (73.3 KB)

here is it. :slight_smile:


thank you very much.

I will give it a try…
I hope I can use the launchcontrol as a controller.

This looks very interesting as a costom midi controller. What is the max amount of knobs one can connect to it? Is it possible to use one knob to control multiple midi CCs? (like track and cue level to be the same volume at for the octa)

Just wanna throw out there a poor man’s(cause you blew all your cash on elektrons!) route to control all, If you have a midi controller. Maybe really obvious but easily overlooked: Set every rytm track to the same midi channel and go ahead and control all… Use the auto channel to only control focused track…

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bummer, that’s a good idea :slight_smile:
will look into that as well…

totally comes to mind as i’ve dropped out some tracks from the midi chain.

would be possible to even control ALL machines with a cheap nanokontrol. cool

I gave this method a try and it sure does work. It turns out that the AR becomes quickly irresponsive by that as the flood of messages renders the AR almost unusable… When I do drastic changes the machine just gets stuck and runs out of sync… small and slow changes are ok with that method…