Rytm tips and tricks


very handy , makes it easier to use one hand and just use the little finger for the retrig, cheers for the tip


My favorite perf trick at the moment is to is to map the the dist delay overdrive , this way when changing patterns the delay carries over to the next pattern so long as that’s mapped too, do a few mutes before you do and voila , great way to do transitions :slight_smile: hope that’s some help to some one, it’s doing wonders for me :slight_smile:


Found something obvious but useful yesterday. I’ve been p-locking pitches with the encoders up to this point, holding the trig and turning the knob until I’ve landed at the proper pitch. But! I discovered that if you’re in the chromatic mode with the pads, you can hold the trig button and push the pad that corresponds to the note you want. Simple and obvious, but it took me a few weeks to find it, and it’s more intuitive for me than turning the knobbies :thup:


Also, if you tap the pad while you hold a trig, the locks on that trig will sound with your new note. You will change your velocity etc by hitting the pad though, so watch out.


I didn’t know velocity was registered as well. Awesome! Thanks for that.


Ok, just found a new performance page, hidden under the aftertouch options… While not in any of the pad modes, ie. you can trigger sounds by playing the pads, if you press on the pad gently, you activate the aftertouch modulations. You can lock them similar to performance mode lock, by changing the pad mode while holding it down… Just got 4 more performace options per pad!


I made some scale sheets. Not exactly a tip but maybe we can call it a trick :cool:


I think there’s a catch, If you press down on a pad for a track that is currently being played in your patterns, you have to hit it hard enough so it registers a velocity high enough for the sound to be heard in the mix. So its’ not exactly the same as Performance mode.


Nope, that is the point, not to hit it, so it doesn’t register velocity, just the aftertouch information.


I guess you have to set the sound’s level to not respond to velocity , otherwise if you touch the pad gently you get a low velocity and if you do this while the sound is being trigged by the sequencer all notes will come out at this low velocity for as long as he pad is being pressed.


Found an interesting exploit and also a useful function that’s in the manual but easily missed, having to do with this:

The part I missed was that you can double tap sample and the selection list will stay open indefinitely allowing you to preview and switch through samples, and I did not know you could get to the plus drive samples from there…

The exploit is that when you double tap synth to choose a machine, you can change any of the synth parameters still, and if you press no to exit they revert back to what they were before you opened the menu. :slight_smile:
Not only that, but you can change the machine and tweak the new machines parameters, and still it will snap back to the old machine and parameters if you press no.
If at any time you press yes, it will accept the new machine and/or new parameter tweaks you entered into the synth page. :smile:
The parameter for the knobs your tweaking is displayed in the read out under the tempo.


Will try this today, excellent!


Yep, just tried it out and it works a treat! Great find!


You can make something that resembles an acid bass line like this:
-Loop a single cycle sample.
-Parameter-lock the Tune-parameter (on the Sample-page) to some trigs (or trigless trigs)
to create a melody.
-Add some parameter-slides on some of the steps where you parameter-locked the Tune-parameter.
This way you get pseudo note-slides.
-You could also add some Accents.
-Then add some overdrive and filter envelope to your liking.

This is how you could do build-ups using trig conditions and parameter-slides:
-Choose or create a Sound that will sustain as long as a pad is held.
( aka On the Amp-page set HLD to auto and DEC to 0 )
-make sure the Synth and/or Sample actually generate sound. otherwise you’ll hear nothing )
-Enter Grid Recording and enter a trig on the first step with the following properties:
-In the trig menu: TRC = FILL, LEN = 64 ( aka 4 16 step bars )
-Turn on Slide for this step. (By holding the trig and press Slide)
-Add parameter lock(s) with the start-value of the parameter(s) you want to rise during the build-up.
(for example amp or filter or LFO speed)
-Create a trigless trig on the last step of the pattern, and add (a) parameter lock(s) with the end-value of the parameter(s) you locked in the previous step.
-Press Play if the sequencer is not running.
-Leave Grid Recording mode. ( otherwise the Page-Fill Trig-Condition will not work )
-Hold the Page-button while the first step of the pattern is played to temporarily activate the FILL trig-condition.
-Now the build-up will start, and will automatically stop at the end, so you have time to do some (un)muting or whatever it is you want to do at the end of the build-up.

This is an alternative way to hold pads for automatically sustained notes, retrig or perf:
-( optionally: Hold Retrig )
-Hold a Pad.
-( optionally: Release Retrig )
-Hold Track-button.
-Release Pad.
-Release Track-button.
-Now the Pad is held till you press it again.


@cuckoomusic - How about a short tutorial on the AR2’s songmode? Please?


yup either buy a Rytm MK1 or something else like a Tanzbar or Vermona. Still the 8 tracks and p locks are nice. I am waiting due to MK2 bugs not fixed yet.


We get the notifications, so your message came through. Don’t be upset :heart:


Yeah where is that MK2 tutorial that I was gonna make in late 2017?


Life gets in the way and you are a very busy person Cuckoo like the rest of us so I totally understand!


Whenever you get around to it, I’ll be here to watch it, @cuckoomusic!
No rush, also learning so much from the live performance series you are doing now.
Thank you for teaching me many things :heart: