Restoring/downloading factory samples/project

I accidentally formatted the card without thinking about it and lost all the samples that are bundled with the Octatrack. I think its better to just load up a load of your own samples though!

If you remove the CF card and hold ‘YES’ while turning on, the Octatrack loads its basic demo project. I’m not sure if this is what you was asking.

I believe I have a copy of this lying around…

I have a project called PRESETS which has an Audio folder containing two sub folders, Elektron and Loopmasters.

Total size is 2.11GB

I guess I could analyse the project and see what samples are actually being used, as I don’t think many of the Loopmasters one are… they are more as a grab bag / mish mash of samples from various genres as a product teaser.

i want to sell my octatrack which is only 3 months old but came with a corrupted compact flash card. i want to include the factory samples in with the resale, elektron support have ignored me after replying to my initial question about obtaining the factory samples, can anyone point me in the direction or upload? would be much apprecited.

I need same CF image too. My card empty.

hey mate,

i ended up finally getting in touch with elektron and they chose to palm me off onto loopmasters who provided the sounds for the octatrack, its an unecessary step but you have to email them and prove your purchase and they will sort you out very fast, thank god atleast one of the two companies nows how to treat their customers.

last elektron product for me, peace out!

actually here is the link they sent me, id say it will probably go dead any time now though as its a we transfer file.

Bump this up - I’m in the same position as many of you - bought it secondhand and none of the original samples are there. Anyone be willing to kindly repost a link? Otherwise I’ll email the kind folks at elektron…

Bumping this up as well as i am in the same situation. I bought an Octatrack used and the factory samples were not included on the CF card. I was told they can be downloaded from Elektron site, however i cannot find any such link.

Thanks in advance.

I’m in the exact same position here. I purchased a refurb unit from Sweetwater sound and it arrived with a dead CF card (the unit would freeze immediately after booting). I picked up a CF card and the unit is operational again but, of course, I have no content. When I tried to register the machine I hit an error message saying that the unit had already been registered to another account.

So, I’ve contacted support with my purchase receipt and have received no response.

I love Elektron gear but the combination of flaky hardware and poor service makes it really hard to justify the price of these boxes.

Not a big surprise with an already registered refurb unit!

The CF card?

That’s an invitation to make your own sounds, record things, or prepare sliced samples with Octachainer! :slight_smile:

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Not a big surprise with an already registered refurb unit!

Maybe but I buy refurb Macs all the time and they never have to be de-registered from a previous owner.

That’s an invitation to make your own sounds, record things, or prepare sliced samples with Octachainer!

No argument there but I’m new to the OT so a little starter content is always appreciated.

I hope you’ll be registered correctly soon!
Before you can download some samples on Elektronauts, @darenager also proposed some really interesting exercises here, a sample chain to download at the end of the post.
OT Science Lab - 1 year study - who’s up for it? [LAUNCHED]

Single cycle waveforms topic with downloads and wavetables link :
Single Cycle Waveforms with Octatrack

Tutorial links.
Free Octatrack Tutorials list


Honestly you are not missing much with the default content. Grab the manual / Merlins guide / check some youtube videos and get cracking :slight_smile:


Thanks! Awesome resources.

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Btw you can use OT without samples! :content:
:loopy: :elot: Comb Comp Contest!
Or sample its metronome, or jacks…
Octatrack Metronome Only Warp Experiment Science Lab
INABCD Jacks sampling challenge :loopy:

When I registered the Octatrack, then went to My Sound Packs I think it was. Under the account menu on right, there are all the factory presets. I think this is what you are looking for. It is irrelevant for me as I run OS X Catalina. New machine so I have no choice. C6 won’t work, and CF card was not included when I purchased from Sweetwater (Demo). Starting in Demo mode has resulted in Silence so I am clueless about the machine. Cannot get to the samples. But I did find them!!

Loopmasters provide the default samples.
I emailed them and asked for the content which they then sent on a link for.

Download the samples back from your account.
There files you download from elektron as a back up and some sample packs.
If you see the wave files and cant hear anything check levels, etc… they will be there. Had the Same issue at first.
Octatrack is pretty difficult at first and the manual reads back wards dor some reason.
But keep at it it will get easier for you hopefully.

I want to smash against the wall at times. Stick with it though .

Same prblem, I download this file “ES_DPS1MK2_FACTORY_PRESETS” but don’t remember where ^^

In your elektron account