Single Cycle Waveforms with Octatrack

I’ll experiment a bit myself but I have to make some source material first, not sure when I’ll get round to it but I’ll definitely try it out. It will be good to know the limits :wink:

Yes you can just loop samples on Octatrack, the conversation just diverted from the original topic! :wink:

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Indeed, but there’s a relation I think. Here is an example of 16X16 Megabreack with 16 acid TB303 loops. One bar, only playing crossfader, with the 16 slices and other parameters assigned.


That sounds fantastic considering it is named ‘test’!

I would class the megabreak more like a large wavetable (or actually 16-64 wavetables!), but considering a wavetable consists of smaller individual waves, I can see the relation.

Well done sezrae56, thats a good example of a more subtle use of the megabreak, I’ve only used it/seen it used with breaks :exploding_head:

I didn’t make the bassline myself, so it can’t be anything else than a test ! :slight_smile:
If anybody want to try, download the files here :
Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:


Is there a sample pack of OT-ready waveforms somewhere?

yeah… second post in this thread…

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I uploaded a whole heap of Octatrack ready SCW’s here

plus theres other collections that other people have uploaded too :wink:


Thank you for those. The link in the second post is pretty awesome as well with the way it’s separated into slices. I should really learn how to organize samples like that sometime.

I’d rather choose 128 scw with Start points than Slices, limited to 64, but both are interesting.

Start mode advantage : more waves, can be modulated with crossfader like a wavetable, (slices are changed only when there’s a trig).

Slices mode advantage : you can change slices length, hence pitch them up (it changes the waveform).

3 wavetables I made for OT to download :
Wavetable synthesis


128 for everything @sezare56. No retreat, no surrender.


128 years old isn’t reasonable. :content:

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or kids

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Other start mode advantage: no set up :okej:

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Yes, agree that 128 is the way to go.

I’ve made a couple of lo-fi wavetables from my OB-6’s oscillators, which might be of interest to some people. One is PWM (the naturally silent slice at the beginning might fool you, but don’t be fooled) and the other one’s a sweep of shapes (triangle-saw-square). Both are tuned to C4 (169 samples at 44100), which I’ve found to be a useful note.


This was exactly the thing I was doing, I liked the pseudo quantizing.

How do you know how long to make the loop? You just use a guitar tuner ot something?

Length is 128 x scw length. :slight_smile:

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Ah so the scaling is baked in and any loop length will be a harmonic of C?

Yes if your scw is C tuned. You can have octaves up, not sure about other harmonics.


I’ve been playing with chains of single cycle waveforms on the OT today, specifically the wavetables from the PPG Wave, sliced into 64 slices. Although it’s not possible to morph smoothly between the waves, it’s still fun to switch between them using the LFOs, parameter locks, and the crossfader. Here’s a simple demo:

Here are the 32 wavetable files in WAV format, with associated sliced .OT files:

I found the wavetables at WaveEdit Online: