Red eye



for me it was a big problem. I love my Machinedrum, but the red LED backlight of the original screen gave me headaches just by looking at it for a few minutes.

I replaced it with a white one (similar to Monomachine/Octatrack etc. )

Another thing I should mention, is, that on my older Machinedrum, the red LEDs, which are used for the steps in the sequencer and also showing the played drums, are way too bright for my eyes. I noticed that Elektron uses less bright / more matte ones for their more recent machines. My quite new Monomachine is just nice in that regard!

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hi bolandross
where did you have that changed if I may ask? how much was it … i assume warranty is void ?



Hi TrabanT!

In my case, since my Machinedrum is a bit older and out of warranty anyway, I took the risk and did it myself. Important note is, that I am not that much experienced with using a soldering iron, to give you a hint regarding the difficulty of the task. The only exhausting thing is the desoldering, since the screen is connected to the board with 20 pins. I can give you guidance and details if you want to, BUT:

Elektron can replace your screen with a white Monomachine screen, too
(and in this case, I ASSUME that this won’t harm the warranty)

The price is around 150€-200€ (work and screen included) and you have to send the machine to Sweden. Turnaround for repairs are 2-4 weeks after they receive the unit.

If you choose to do it yourself, you can save a lot of money though. You can buy a fitting lcd screen in a electronic store for around 30€…

I can understand that you want to keep the warranty, though!

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oohh, that is interesting , i dindnt know elektron had that sort of customization services … thanks for info!

post a pic of your white display? :slight_smile:


Keep in mind that you can get several different colors, when you buy such a display in a electronic store … white on blue, black on green (Gameboy Classic Style) etc ;D

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thats very neat!

i wish i had known that b4 … .would have asked elektron to ship me a white one … but my retailer (thomann germany) had kickass prices … so i assume it had been considerably more expensive …

would be awesome if it was an OLED and we could change the colors by pressing a button … synced with the beat, or according to patterns … and flashing, and strobe lighting, and … i am a big fanboy of the winamp milkdrop plugin … so have a video input and display trippy shit on the display… maybe in mk4 in 2022 :wink:

nice white display!


Haha yeah, that would be great! :smiley:


Though I prefer the “white” screen of the Mono over the “red” screen of the MD, the red screen isn’t a big issue. The white screen has much better contrast.

But that said, I wish the graphics were inverted so the background was dark, and the information was light (similar to the Tempest). Staring into the bright white light can be a bit harsh on the eyes over a period of several hours in a dim room!


invert colors button FTW !


Unfortunately, I also made that experience. As far as I remember, in my case it took some more time, but I got worse when I was working with the computer (screen) and the synced MD together and kept looking at one device and then in the next minutes on the other device’s screen… I felt it made my eyes tired.


Hi, i wrote to elektron and they told me that the blank screen costs 80€
can i have a link to buy one for 30euro? @bolandross




Hey, of course.

Since I am located in Germany, I hope it’s okay for you if I send you this link:

You only need to check the following specs to find similar LCDs i.e. on eBay (I saw some china imports for even less than 10€)

resolution: 128x64
voltage: 5v
controller type: KS0107/0108

window size: 72 x 40 mm
Depth: 13.6 mm
Height 70 mm
Width 93 mm

(the sizes don’t have to be exact, the machine’s case offers some space)

and of course, it needs 20 pins to connect ;D

I tried out four different models and they all worked, only keep in mind to adjust the contrast potentiometer after putting in a new display, it seems like the later models need higher contrast settings than the old one I had in stock.

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hey bro, which part of gemany r u from? i am in berlin … i didnt know you could replace those displays so easily, and get them fairly cheap… i wouldnt mind a bigger one, but my warranty is good for almost another 3 years



Well well well this one really looks like the Machinedrum stock LCD:

Octatrack - Redstar edition anyone?

edit: that white on black looks sexy as hell


tnx! if i mod my MD i post some photos!
this one is fine?

th mnm is black on white or grey on white? (noob question)


on the theme of modding, anyone have any idea how you can make the black panel like this?


paint or powder coating and silkscreening to apply the text and logo.
or ( hope I’m not stating the obvious ) a vinyl(?) skin.


In this case you have to have a reproduction of the panel made ​​in vector graphics…


That white MD is really sexy!


White really is a nice color for elektron boxes. We did an all white octatrack (i am of course biased ) the choice of white pearl finish really transformed the
box. We had a thread here sometime ago. But yeah that color scheme is really nice.