Recommend a multichannel audio interface?

Hi elektronauts, I’m in the market for a multichannel audio interface for my home studio. Previously I’ve used a MOTU 828x, which was fantastic, but when I switched to a Windows 10 computer it started acting up and I ended up selling it. I’m looking at the Presonus Studio 1824c which has 8 channels of ADAT, but I’d rather get something with 16 channels if I can afford it. Any recommendations?

Do you still have the Motu?
I use an 828 Mk2 as an ADAT extension for the RME Fireface UC.
Super happy with the combo, the RME drivers are stable af and both interfaces just sound fantastic.
Of course if you’d rather have just one interface you might still want to check RME.

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You can find the Roland Studio Capture used for around $500. 16 inputs (12x w/ mic pres), 8 outputs. Had 2 several years ago, rock-solid Roland VS drivers (ASIO & WASAPI). Not as low latency as RME, but more stable in my experience than MOTU on Windows. Two can be linked for 30 inputs (linking requires S/PDIF). Preamps are just okay. No ADAT.

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I don’t have the 828x but I have an ancient MOTU 2408, which works as an 8in/8out ADAT expander. It doesn’t work with my computer because it has a weird proprietary “AudioWire” interface you need an expansion card to use. It doesn’t sound great but it was super cheap, so I’m not complaining.

RME stuff looks really nice, thanks for the recommendation! I might go for the Fireface UC if I can find a deal… seems like they go for <$700 to the patient. It’s a shame it doesn’t have two banks of adat or midi, but the UFX is another $400 for that, and I already have synths etc that double as USB MIDI interfaces.

Got mine for around 700€ about 2 years ago, so you might find s good deal. It has two pairs of MIDI though. :+1::wink:

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Check behringer ucm1820 + ada8200 for more channels.
If I well remember someone had here on the board, try a search on the board with the ucm1820 keyword.

I’d recommend a rme that fits your needs expanded with ada8200. Works like a charm. And as someone else already stated, rme drivers are stable af

thumbs up for rme also here, very flexible totalmix software, super short latency and excellent signal to noise ratios. well worth the price.

Oops, I was just looking at photos and didn’t realize the midi was on a breakout from that port on the back. That’s sweet.

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100% :sunglasses:

Them: “Which interfa…”

Me: “RME”



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Could be me, too. Btw, RME rocks! And no, I don’t work for them and am not an affiliate :zipper_mouth_face::joy:

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rme digiface + your choice of converters and preamps