Receiving Program Change Messages Not Responding Immediately

Anyone know how to configure AR to respond Immediately Receiving Program Change Messages?

Program change is working fine but it waits 1 page to change the pattern. It flashed before is changed.

In this video shows how it flashed once AR received the program change and waits one Page to change the pattern. I already tried with the 3 configuration of the “Direct Change” and same result.


You can change the individual pattern’s behaviour in reaction to change events in the ADV tab from FUNCTION+PAGE in the sequencer. Maybe a CHGLEN (or similar) setting of zero will do it.

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selvi, you da mAsTer!, is working!
I just dont know why only accepts number 2,…. I don’t see the 0 or 1
Anyways with 2 works great! thanks a lot!

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Welcome, my pleasure if I could help you out!

I guess a possible 0 setting would make a harder time for the programmer, because someone could have the idea to send a lot of change messages in quick advance…

I am also fine with a 2 as minimal setting.

Direct change works for manual pattern selection though.

Yeap that make sense, thanks!

Thank for the tip, but it doesn’t work perfect.

With this setting, the sequencer lose more and more its sync from the external master as I change the pattern again and again with pgm change.

Please make the test and let us know.

Also this function isn’t appropriate as it is associated with the pattern. It’s not viable to have to change every pattern to be able to use the direct jump pattern change mode via MIDI pgm change message.

To fix this was already asked for the A4 a while ago and is still not in the AR, why??

I’m having similar problems with program change messages from my DAW to the AR.

With the A4 I have a multi map with PAT.PLAY and direct jump and that makes it dead easy to change patterns from my DAW using midi notes.

I hope Elektron adds something similar to the AR.

I just asked Elektron and they said they are working on it.

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Thank you for the info! … hope will be fixed soon!

If they could already make that the “Direct Change” (Function + Bank Group) parameter would also apply to the program changes coming from the MIDI IN (and not only the switch of the panel) and so we could set it in “Direct jump”, it would already be a huge progress.

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Sorry for reviving an old thread but I’m struggling with this too. I’m using an AK as master , out to rytm, through to monomachine. They both receive clock and transport. The mono follows the AK pretty precisely so how come the rytm can’t? Would it make more sense to have rytm send PC info?

Not much to contribute other than thanks for the info and another voice saying “I want this, pretty please?” :wink:

Anyone know if this is working / fixed yet?

A4 is bang on with the multi-map setting… AR still lags behind, like, one bar.

Sorry to bang on about it… surely I’m not the only one experiencing this.

Can anyone help, or someone official from Electron chime in?

The setup is thus

Both AR & A4 synced to Ableton via OB.

Sending program change messages from Live to the A4 results in perfect sync (with a multi-map pat-play message).

The results sending the same message to the RYTM are unsatisfactory, there is a one bar lag.

Is there a way to achieve sync across this setup?

I read here that there was some investigation being done on it, has there been any progress made?

After having worked with OB, Live, and the two machines for some months getting a favourable workflow together, this remains the final roadblock.

Hope there’s a fix out there…


I want this, pretty please…?

This is an issue with OT->A4 sync as well, but it is solvable there with the multimap. But the Rytm does not have multimap.

Or please let me know if this has been fixed because this might keep me from buying a rytm otherwise… Thanks!

Hi… any news about this issue?

As incredible as it seems, it looks like a very few AR need this feature. There is no real explanation from Elektron why is impossible to send pattern changes to the RYTM and get an immediate reaction like on the Octatrack for example. So until now, the only way to change patterns from the DAW in sync with other machines is to send them some beats before the desired change. Pretty awkward!

Yup. This is well annoying. I can’t figure out if it’s a bug, or expected behaviour or if I’ve just set up my CHNG and LENGTH parameters wrong.

I want to use my Squarp Pyramid or Bitwig to trigger instant pattern changes which I stick in a Scene (Bitwig) or Sequence (Pyramid). So when I switch either a Scene or a Sequence and my other patterns, riffs etc change on my other instruments Rytm’s pattern changes at the same time.

Bothersome though it is, I’ve no real issues with adding pre-emptive pattern changes into a linear sequence. But when I’m ‘jamming’ an arrangement or playing live, maybe I don’t know which Scene or Sequence I’m going to jump to next so a pre-emptive pattern change is failing me.

Maybe I’ve just got the wrong combo of CHNG/LENGTH and Pattern Jump parameters set though? Whilst jamming I could live with Direct Jump if it played, say the first two beats of the outgoing sequence before picking up the incoming sequence, but I can’t get that to work either.

Seems odd that you can instant switch by banging the buttons but this can’t be achieved with automation.

if anyone’s got any power tips I’d appreciate them.


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New OS but no Fix


I raised a support ticket and the guy confirmed he did not know when or if this would be addressed in an OS update.

So I figured out another way to deal with it.

I’ve got a new workflow going where Rytm sends PC changes when it switches patterns to a BOME translator, BOME converts them to CC69 and pushes them out to my Pyramid to fire sequence changes on other devices. Then I use the Song mode on the Rytm to sketch end to end jams which I track out into Bitwig as audio for fine editing and finishing. Obviously you can turn Song mode on or off depending on whether you want to jam live or play a linear sequence, so it works nicely as a control centre for sequences. Everything is super tight and firing bang on time. It was a joyful moment when I got it working as expected!

Everything is clocked from Bitwig via an ERM Multiclock. So I gotta press play on Bitwig to start everything. But I can live with that.

(You can get a HW translator to remap the PC changes if you don’t want to use a computer, although the ones I came across were $150+)

It’s all good until I want to start my Song from say, mid way through. Unless Rytm is the master clock source, it always plays the Song from the start of the chain. Irrespective of where you place the ‘play from’ cursor.

Tried to fix this by clocking Bitwig to the Rytm (over DIN, USB clocking is broken too!) but somehow ended up double clocking the Multiclock which scuppered everything else.

Must have a clock loop or something somewhere in my setup but struggling to locate it. I use a MIO 10 to distribute clock and the interface is baffling at times. Gave up in the end but will return to it once I’ve turned it over in my head a few times.

If you want to fire scenes or clips in your DAW in line with PC changes from the Rytm. Get a translator and re-map the Rytm PC to a MIDI note or CC message and map that to the scene or the clip you want to trigger.

Spent a bit of time on this over the last week so might be able to help you.