Soma’s prototype take on a four channel drum/drone machine, sounds great!


Yeah! Soma is so cool! Real instruments

Lovin the sound of this. thanks for sharing @richie

Yep, this sounds incredible. Will have a hard time not copping this.

yes watched this vid this morning on matrix synth, already wanting one, but the price is way higher than the lyra !

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This box of tricks definitely qualifies as a ‘need one’.

Better start squirrelling away my nuts :joy:

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Do you know what ballpark, the price is in?

The expected net price is 1,200-1,500 Euros. The exact price will be known when the industrial mass production version is ready.

pretty expensive, I’ve just started to think about lyra8 and now this… :slight_smile:

Thank you - that’s more than I had hoped… Might start saving anyway. Looks really interesting :slight_smile:

It’s a credit card job for sure…
I’d imagine the actual production unit will look great, hope they do a black version like the Lyra.

Looks glorious. Want one. Was going to buy a DFAM soon …now I see this I’m not so sure :slight_smile:


estimated release date is “autumn 2018 / winter 2019”.

that narrows it down :smile:

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You and me both!
I really fancy the DFAM but now I’m thinking to save, skip the OP-Z, save some more then hopefully line up for one of these, the demo is so good.
It’s nutty enough to keep you busy for years!

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This is relavent to my interests. Very.

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Lol, its so true

I’ve pre ordered. I’ve only had Lyra for a week or so but it and OT2 are pieces of gear I feel I can use for years. I’m sure the pulsar will be the same: you switch them on and they take you somewhere. Also it’s like 4 DFAMs with more options so I think the price point is fair.

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At first I thought, “this is just nice distortion and reverb, meh”.
but then about halfway through that video, it starts to sound veeeeery nice indeed…

Just imagine how it could interact with a Subharmonicon…

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Crazy cool device indeed, consider me impressed!
Incredibly inspiring actually, i want one NOW!

To me, the Dfam sounds better. Fuller, Harder hitting, crisper.