Polyphonic Digitakt via Retrokits RK-002 cable?


I for one would love it if you did a video showing how to set up everything…I just got the RK-002 cable and haven’t tried messing with it yet, but it would be great to have something to follow along with to make sure i’m setting it all up correctly.


Have you tried "bome’s midi translator’? I haven’t tried it yet, but that tool can manipulate midi in so many ways I would be surprised if it couldn’t do this.


I Just found a way so its all good : )


Could you share how you did it? I think a lot of people would be interested :slight_smile:


Of course…
So this is how to make Digitakt Polyphonic inside of Cubase with the midi input transformer
1.Create audio track
2.Create midi track and set Digitakt as an output
3.In the midi inserts open the transformer and apply these settings

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I wondered the same thing – found this:

There’s a bit of setup needed but it’s worth it:

In Live’s midi prefs, make sure Digitakt midi out is enabled (using DT’s midi over usb).
Add 9 midi tracks to a new Live project. Add the ‘Brain’ device to the first track, followed by the 8 ‘Satellite’ midi receiver-sender devices which will send the midi to the DT. Add the Satellite 1 device to track 2, Satellite 2 device to track 3, etc.

Basically, the Brain device receives your notes (played in via your e.g. midi keyboard) and sents them out round-robin style to the satellite devices, one note per track. These notes now need to be sent out to your DT – so set each of the 8 track’s midi out choosers to Digitakt and set their channels consecutively, 1 to 8. You can then group the 9 tracks and save this group track as a template in Live’s browser, ready to be dragged into any set when needed.

Mono samples yes, but is the output Polyphonic?

Yeah, if you could do that it would be great! I’d definitely be interested in that video :slight_smile:


This does it for me!!! A lot of fun this morning!!! Holy hell. It’s a totally different machine.


Nice one, can’t wait to try it out!


I have a beatstep pro as well as my digitakt. I’m wondering what would be the benefits of getting the RK-002 to connect the two devices? My aim is to use the RK-002 for polyphony on the digitakt but also to retrig the digitakt from the beatstep pros live retrig. Is this all possible?


This fudgin rules!


Hi everyone,
I made a video where I thoroughly demonstrate the rk-002 cable in combination with the Digitakt. It’s a really powerful combination! Hope you enjoy this video on this relaxing day after new years eve.! Happy new year! :slight_smile:

If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more videos (un)like this you can subscribe to my channel here: http://www.youtube.com/c/Davemech?sub_confirmation=1


Wow, really great video. Amazing sounds in here. Sold me on the cable!


yeah great video! I have the cable too, just need to figure out how to set it up :slight_smile:


Thank you!

I expect to release a video on how to set it up next week on Friday :slight_smile:


99% sure you start with the Volca FM Firmware–you can preorder cable -RK-002 Cable - Modifier (Volca FM) is the one to order
Tip off here of which firmware version of RK-002 to order
“retrokitsdevNice one! Actually the FM firmware is more generic with it’s free CC mapping anyway so you might be able to trigger other stuff as well.”


If you use Ableton, there’s a pretty easy to implement Maxforlive-patch which does this too. Tried it today, friggin awesome. Someone mentions the patch and explains how to set it up in this thread: Polyphonic Digitakt via Retrokits RK-002 cable?

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What is it?! Or did you just build it from scratch?


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Search for the reply that garf made now that the topics are merged, it’s all there :slight_smile: It’s really easy to implement, if you can’t get it to work just DM me, and maybe I can help.

Edit1: And it’s so cool!
Edit2: Figured out I could just do this :smiley: Polyphonic Digitakt via Retrokits RK-002 cable?