Polyphonic Digitakt via Retrokits RK-002 cable?

Check this out guys… https://www.instagram.com/p/BXvvuziBbND/

someone posted this on gearslutz… i havent tested it myself!
but it looks very interesting : )


Also. They have a midi breakout box that would be a nice addition to the Digitakt while staying compact. I’d like to see more of the RK-002. Curious if it locks down the Digitakt for midi out to other devices or if it the RK-002 could be run into a breakout box first.

Link for midi box:


The lead converts 1 midi channel to 10 on volca so yup , it’ll trigger all 8 channels going in at the same time

It can map velocity to a cc too ( filter etc )

Combine it with trigless trigs or whatever it’s called and it’ll sound quite odd if you need it to , especially with some nice filter and panning.

ActuLly , you could alter the midi channels to Be on the same one for 8 oscillator mono synth.
I’ve got one somewhere , will try it out.

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haha, dope - thanks for sharing.

Sold my Volca Sample before i purchased the Digitakt and was about to sell my RK-002 aswell…

I´ll keep it now it seems :slight_smile:


Please report back with how it works for you. It’s cheap enough that it would be worth having around to play with. I’ll already be ordering the midi breakout when I get paid.

its working well.

i setup the sounds on tracks 1 to 4 as nice bass tone with different filters, panning etc.
trigging them via 1 x midi channel (instead of 4).

cable is set to volca fm mode , ‘polymux’ 4 notes , so basically every time 1 note goes in it cycles around channels 1 to 4.
if i hold a 4 note chord it’ll play them all together. (so you could fine tune each sound to be offset/filters, delays,reverb , envelope … like a 4 note synth with independent envelopes etc.
if you hold 2 notes it’ll switch between 1/2 , 3/4

not sending any sync , program change , just note data.

on the track i’m messing with , 4 other internal channels are bass/drums etc.


It seems you can do the same thing with a daw ,or software… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Io8Kv40lQc
If anyone finds out more details please post… : )

Nice. Good news for those working in a DAW environment.

its a nice workaround if you want to write on one track and have it triggering a stereo sample.

For your DAW there’s the Piz MIDI plugin collection with the midiChordSplit and midiPolyphony plug-ins.

The RK-002 cable does look nice.

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Also Reason users can use the Distributor to do the same thing.

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Doesn’t this mean that essentially this could be internally configured inside the digitakt OS by Elektron…? Without the need for any additional add on.

Although I imagine setting the machine to internally route its MIDI signals this way isn’t the most efficient method of adding polyphony to the Digitakt. It all depends on how MIDI is utilised inside the DT architecture I guess.


Yes of course they could, just like the polyphony feature on the Analog Four. You can choose RESET, ROTATE, REASSIGN or UNISON.

But will they? I don’t think so, Digitakt is supposed to be a simple sample drum machine, not a synth.

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I imagine that argument has been done to death anyway.

At least there is a means to achieve polyphony this way.

Really simple and cheap to get an arduino uno clone and a midi shield and use this github.com/mmaisterrena/Volca_Simple

The advantage being you can easily customise it for other stuff too, for example map velocity to slot or what have you, no soldering just plug in and upload the code.


I use the MIDIBRO unit for this. ( Thanks Simon )
And Digitakt sounds amazing when it is used as an ‘8 voice synth’


I plan on using DT as part of a computer studio, is there a computer program that acts the same as a Midibro?

Ehh. There are a lot of single cycle wave forms in the default sounds; Elektron knows their machine is capable of more. I suspect it’s on the list of possible features, since internal midi tracks would help with song mode/pattern chains as well.

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I have a Midipal for midi split for Octatrack and Analog 4*, but I only use that function. I wonder if a Rk-002 would be better for me.
*(Made A4 4x2 paraphonic voices with it, 8 different osc tunings, so almost 8 voices…)

@darenager I also have an Arduino I bought for midi stuff, but I couldn’t find clear informations about midi libraries etc…
Do you have links ? Is it that simple ? I know a bit of action script for Flash.

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