Polyphonic Digitakt via Retrokits RK-002 cable?

Can someone explain a little more about how this is working/how you would set up a track for this?

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i am curious about the Arduino and the Rk-002 route as well.

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I can talk about the Midipal : you set receiving channel and the number of output channels (8), same on DT midi track (or any midi gear), lets say channel 1. You set DT tracks channels to 1-8.

When you play a chord, each note is mapped with a different channel. Ex :
C = ch1, E =ch2, G=ch3, B=ch4, etc…


can someone with an rk002 please help me. how do i set the midi channels as well as the midi configs to get the polyphonic behaviour on the dt? thanks


Yes! I’d like some help with the setup as well. I just spent an hr trying to get it working:confused: I’m mostly looking for help with setting up the Digitakt’s MIDI for this. How exactly do you have the Digitakt to use the MIDI channels to control the track channels for Polyphony?

You have to set the right firmware (volca fm) and the needed number of polymux channels (3 if you want to play 4 voices) with rk002 cabel connected to your computer via an interface:


Than you will have to set the midi channel for an midi Channel on your dt that you want to use, eg midi A. Set it to midi channel 1 and the rk002 should than spread the notes, played on midi a, over track 1-4. hope you get an idea.


Thank you johannes. And you updated the RK002 using the website? I tried the website before and I was wondering if I needed to use the SYSex librarian program that retrokits recommends.

Yes, you need to set everything on retrokits rk002 setting site.

I think you dont need the sysex if you want the polyphony. I only downloaded the jazz plugin to run the site and connected the cable to my audiointerface. than i could select port 1 as my “midi out interface”, volca fm firmware and the polmux channels…

I now have one of these cables, but haven’t got it to work yet.

Please, pretend I’m a child and explain exactly what settings you use to make this work, both on the DT and on the web-midi firmware side.

Any suggestions about how I can check the cable’s even working? It doesn’t seem to be transmitting anything at all right now.


Me too, i’ve got the cable and tried it multiple time, but i dont’t get it to work.
On the Cable:
I’ve set the Firmware to VolcaFM, Poymux to 4 (for 5 note poly) and i’ve set the cable to react on Channel 9.
On the Digitakt:
I’ve patched the black side of the cable to MIDI out and the orange end to MIDI in.
In the MIDI Settings i’ve set audiotrack 1 to react to MIDI channel 9, audiotrack 2 to MIDI channel 10, audiotrack 10 to MIDI channel 11 and so forth.
I’ve set a nice wavetable to the first 5 audiotracks and set it to FWD Loop.
Now I’ve set MIDI A to MIDI Channel 9. If i now press the MIDI A he goes Back and forth from Audiotrack 1 to 5 and plays only one note. The chromatic mode doesn’t work.
Can you guys explain to me and to everyone, what i’m doing wrong?


Ohhh turned out, that i had Auto Midi Channel set to Channel 9 AND I’ve had to lower the ocatve range on the chromatic mode cause the wavetable wasn’t designed for the high register.
So if you guys have some troubles setting it up, consider also this two things to fix, this is why i’m not deleting my post :smiley:


Anyone know if there’s a Max For Live plugin that can do the same thing in Ableton?

this is really infuriating me. I’m not even sure that the web-MIDI is successfully updating the settings on the cable, it doesn’t send any kind of message (it does for updating the firmware). Where do I even find the polymux setting? gahhhh this is making me feel like an idiot, but there’s no documentation that’s useful to me.

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just do the setting changes, he’ll apply it! i know it’s weird, but it works

A MidiPAL or one of its clones can do this in MIDI dispatch mode, too, assuming external MIDI control on the DT works anything like it does on the OT.

Hi as a suggestion theres some free software that can monitor all the midi traffic from your device DT. i use midi monitor for mac. you can see CCs, Syssex, etc.

Haven’t watched the video but hope this helps those in this threads.


Thanks for sharing !

I could do a specific video on how to set this up in detail if people are interested.



If anyone knows how to achieve this in Cubase please post !..
The Piz plugins and any other similar program didnt work for me