Polyphonic Digitakt via Retrokits RK-002 cable?


God bless you! Thanks!


The thing that stumped me was that it seems that you have to set the the “brain” to 8 voices. If you do what garf said, set the “brain” to 8 voices, and record enable the brain, you should be good to go :slight_smile:


It was touch and go there for a while- but I actually figured it out! With minimal staring blankly at the instructions pretending that I’m reading it!

Thanks again!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH @garf for sharing this with the forum!

@whikidazz if you go for an Ableton Suite/Digitakt type of thing- stuff like this makes Suite worth it!


I’m getting really wrapped up into this- it is unbelievably fun!

I just had a joyful epiphany.

I was thinking- damn! this is great. but now i need some digitakt style percussion chaos. And then BAM! Midi channels --> Drum rack —> Samples from Mars.

So much power from such a little box. This is the best day ever :joy:


Didn’t even think of that, I just jumped straight to buying a second DT :smile: Have to try that tomorrow!


That’s where my mind was headed too! :smiley:


Yea sorry, forgot to mention that bit :slight_smile:


I remember reading about the retrokits midi cable when the volcas were just coming out. I’m glad to see it can be used with the digitakt. I knew I’d be going back to digitakt down the road but I didn’t realize it would have been so soon that I’d want to. You make the abelton digitakt with retrokits midi sound so tempting. Like I’ve said in the past though, I’m just afraid I’d get sucked into the laptop screen and lose the music making focus. Seriously considering this though. Seems like a idea I’m just scared to make the transition.


When you’ve set it up, you don’t really need to look at your screen at all. You just use your midi controller for DT through Ableton. But if you want a pure hw-setup and the polyphonic use of the Digitakt, just buy the Retrokits Cable :slight_smile:


Now you can write / edit your own scripts with Retrokits. Waiting for mine.


How much set up is involved with adding push2 with the digitakt? Adding the retrokits midi cable to it just makes sense.


Well, I was talking about setting up the Max For Live-script for playing the digitakt polyphonically. If that’s what you’re referring to as well, just set it up as described and use pushs note mode for input in the “brain” of the setup. If you’re referring to setting up push for controlling pattern changes or stuff like that, I haven’t really tried it.


Retrokits have confirmed
"The volca FM/MOD firmware is the one for the Digitakt indeed.

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Elektron should really consider making a mode that does this natively. This hack makes it obvious how unnecessarily limited the current OS is.

As well as a way to route midi-lfos to internal tracks without cables.

I love my DT, but it still strikes me as having a lot more potential.


Jep. Video with how to set it up will be online on Thursday at the latest. Keep an eye on my channel https://youtube.com/c/davemech

Sonicstate.com shared my video btw! Very nice of them and great responses as well :slight_smile:


I think the idea behind the Digitakt is to make it as streamlined as possible- adding these functionalities while providing use-convolute the user experience.

Not to mention- thinking out of the box is always a part of Elektron machines and it is very rewarding when you accomplish something outside of factory machine capability


I partly agree. But in this case it would just be a switch in the midi-menu.

Of course that would potentially cannibalize any future poly-synth in digitakt-format. Which is a product, I want very much :wink:

So maybe my feelings about this is slightly shaped by my love for this format.


Started an Octatrack thread


Totally agree. Much more user friendly, and still very good midi implementation for external control (by OT?) :content:


so with the rk02 could you then sequence the DT polyphonically from something like a keystep?

wicked vid @DaveMech. sounds so lush :slight_smile: