Well THAT'S certainly fun! Retrokits RK-002

I just received my RK-002 and within minutes I was up and running, generating and recording some Euclidean grooves on the Digitakt. I can tell this is going to be a great little “pattern starter” when I’m looking for some happy accidents.

Also looking forward to digging in on some custom trig events, making the DT talk to itself from its MIDI tracks without worrying about my habitual “double-tap” on the stop button messing things up.

I’ll end up using this live if it proves as stable as it seems. One thing I like is that the Euclidean groove currently being generated seems to be persistent across patterns unless you change a MIDI channel 10 value, so it’s a great way to try a set Euclidean groove across multiple kits (patterns) to find sweet spots of groove-meets-kit.

The whole polyphony thing will be nice too, although that wasn’t why I bought it.

So far, works “as-advertised” out of the box and I’m having a great time!

Retrokits customer experience was good too!


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