Polyend Tracker

Looks interesting.


Ooh, what does the big knob do? :thinking:

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Damn…I was just about to order a Seq…think i’ m gonna hold hah.

I’m curious to know what that knob is up to. Granular scanning knob?


If it’s an effects box of some kind I’m all for it.

Just hope it’s better received than the dreadbox Medusa collab.

I’m intrigued. Mostly from that audio scan rewind stuff

Yeah, it kind of reminds me of that manual tape thing that Landscape did but for samples. Maybe?

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I have a theory.

That dial knob looks very similar to the Analog Heat.
What if it’s a collab w/ Elektron to make some sort of effects box?
Elektron is after all slightly known for not making devices with good pads.

Well they did both just announce teasers…

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The video description says “More information in March”, so I guess this cannot be the same box as the Elektron box (which will debut on Feb. 26).

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I’m feeling a Sampler. Maybe the big knob functions kinda like the crossfader on the OT?

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Interested in the detail on this – it’s still a who-knows-what.

The industry moves in waves. The Squarp Rample may have similarities to this too. And there are other products too. There’s also the Isla SP 2400. I know these will all be different, but i guess there will come a point when they can be talked about at the same time.

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I know this isn’t the reveal everyone here is waiting on, but this one could end up being right up a lot of people’s Street I think.


sounds great whatever itizzzz.

definitely intriguing

the second video - has tubes, does that mean euro modular?

Looks like a tracker to me. With real-time sample scrubbing and selection.


definitely a WAV at the end of that vid, aye. Almost reminds me of the GR-1 display, so wouldnt rule out Granular options. Looks like a machine pitched at becoming an OT competitor to me

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That definitely sounds up my alley

and mine. Just been chatting to Jacek a little. Not giving much away, but he knows my preferences, and is confident I’ll like it.

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Thanks for sharing it’s difficult keeping track of all these teasers.
Sounds awesome. :partying_face: