Polyend Tracker

Santa has spoken.


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:pray: this Polyend announcement is more exciting than the one Elektron just made…

M:C… :roll_eyes:


What a life – going from one announcement to another!

“Oh i’m just a gigolo, and everybody knows.”


This looks intriguing, one thing about Polyend is they definitely are innovative.
I’ll be watching this release closely.

This one looks cool. Maybe a sampler-granular-party-mobile?

whatever it is - that screen is pretty high fidelity - even out of focus

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Looks like a sampler with a tracker style interface…


anybody have medusa?

curious to know about the their pad quality history, because it seems this might have pads as well.

from what I gathered polyend seems to excel in that dept.
if I’m not mistaken the pads on the medusa were recessed almost flat with the surface so you can easily do pad slides & such.

Right Track - tracker?


I have a Medusa. They’re quite flush, a mm or two off the surface with no travel, they just give ever so slightly for x, y, and z expression, so slides in any direction are easy. Different to Push and Maschine pads. Take some getting used to if you also have a Push or Maschine, but a joy to use once you do.

I recently ordered a Seq too. Curious if this new device will pair well with either of them.


I would be all over that, if that was the case.

Like a polyend sequencer with a sampler integrated. Dear lord, let it be so.


I have SEQ and Medusa and I think Polyend has some unique, new ideas.

Personally this seems more exciting for me than the new Elektron M:C.

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Agreed. I believe that this has been made in collaboration with a BIG name (though this is unconfirmed) and that it’s going to be at a slightly more affordable price point than their other products



Possibly there are physical buttons, given the amount of finger travel…in addition to the big knob.

I keep trying to get more out of them, but no joy :smiley:

Ohhhh this could be just the right box for me. I just sold everything and have a Model:Cycles on the way as the only box for now. I will need something for drum loops and sampling duties…

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On the other teaser it looked like it had Medusa´s pads as well.

was just going to suggest they’d be likely

Hoping it’s March 1st we finally get to see this thing. :thought_balloon: :popcorn: