[ PDF Tool ] Tuning Table for Analog Rytm

Hello i see some people after that so as i will do that for me as a reference PDF, I propose you to give you the table here in progress in the day. When I have finished it, I will generate a proper PDF in our Elektronauts file section. Hope you find it useful.

EDIT : Document is Done and available in Elektronauts File section as well as in this post. Cheers

Analog RYTM | TUN Table :elan:
This is a document to help you to TUNE your Drums in Key.

Content :

  • 1 PDF Multipage Ready to PRINT

  • 1 Excel Document so you can adjust to your needs

  • 1 CHART A4 to Print



Very cool! Thanks for the effort

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Nice! =)
Thanks for the effort!

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Just to explain but I’m sure you already get it.
The parameter for Tuning is TUN, Sweep Time is OFF, Sweep Depth is OFF, Decay is at 100 to heard and analyse the Fundamental frequency easier. Waveform is 0 (or the first one) Hold Time is OFF, Transient is OFF. To get the purest fundamental Tone.

I started by the most highest value in TUN to get an idea of the range. I bet the C-1 to G-1 range will probably not be a range where you will sit because it’s very low. Anyway, I will keep that way for the other machine as well.

TUN your kick to key of your song (or harmonically) and then design your kick with the other parameters at your disposal in the machine. Don’t forget you have an LFO to control your kick if you don’t want to use the Sweep of the Machine.

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It’s really cool! Thx

I’ve tried (just for C1-G1 notes), it’s very close, just a little offset (between +1 / +2).

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Well done and thanks for everything.

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Humm … ok i will let my Analog Rytm playing for 2 hours and Run Calibration before to Finnish that just to be sure I have a “as close as possible” Tuning Table … And I will check it with other spectrum as well to check the frequency. Thanks to let me know for the little offset you have.

It’s probably that, i tried directly after power ON :sweat_smile:

But I had also noticed my tuning machines has changed slightly since I did a calibration when they introduced the news machines

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In any anyway that’s not bad at all I make a recalibration before that to create this table it will be more accurate… plus I already notice this TUN table is slightly different for BD Plastic, Silky and Sharp… At the END there will be two table for kick. One for BD Hard, Classic and FM and One for BD Plastic, Silky and Sharp
which seems to be in Tune with 2 values lower. Apparently for BDPL, BDSI and BDSH C1 is 0, C2 is +24, C3 is +48 when in BDHD, BDCL and BDFM C1 is +2, C2 is +26 and C3 is +50

OK for tonight… You have ALL BD :elan:

All was verified with Tuner, Spectrum and Melodyne as Well so don’t worry. Plus I did calibrate my AR after 3 hours running so these Table are accurate.

But I will not stop there you will have tuning table for the other percussions as well in the next days.
So come back to see the progression. The final document will be in the File section and summarize everything in it…

Have a nice evening Elektronauts. ,


Wow, that’s just amazing, thank you so much!!

Been struggling for a while to get a good match between the ar and the a4 tuningwise…

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Could you also do the filter? Would be super useful to know for using the filter for playing melodies and/or enhancing / cutting tuned frequencies. :sunglasses:

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Big up! Excellent work

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I will do as much as “possible” melodical content or tweakable that way… with the same process. As I told before I will not stop with only the BD… I only start with it because it’s the main concern but every drum could or need to be Tuned so… Thanks for the suggestion of the self-resonance for the filter.


Amazing !!! Nice Work !

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Thanks this is very cool!

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Thanks a lot for doing this William.
I want to point out that the new machines track correctly, for these the tun parameter is half a semitone, so +24 is an octave and hence C3 is plus 48 (2 octaves)…
I’m curious about if your values for the older machines got you spot on tune, or were they just close enough like off by 10 cents or so?
Will give them a whirl on my machine and report back…

Tip for those tuning kits:
Throw the key in the title of the kit so when your jammin you can easily grab kits in the same key.
Capital at the end maybe… groovinC


That’s values I had before to run my AR 3 hours warming and make a calibration process just to be sure (of the offsetting between CL,HD,FM and PL,SI, SH.)
Values I get after calibration are the same. I tested with tuner, Spectrum and Melodyne and I finally get two set of different values…

I sent a confirmation request to Elektron before to go further in that TUN Table.

Reply from Simon :
Sure, it’s likely correct if you used a tuner to measure it. However, it might differ from machine to machine since it’s analog.

no worries at all, anyway it sound legit to me as the slight difference is targeting exactly old BD machines VS New BD Machines it can’t be a coincidence.

This is AWESOME work William. Thank you sooo much.

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