Overbridge & macOS Big Sur

I think Apple is almost there where they want to be. Ditched 32 bit / iOS + macOS are now more compatible than ever etc. I was setting up a Windows PC lately and was surprised how backwards compatible it still is (I bet you could even run Windows 95 or even 3.11 Software on it!). Is this a good thing? Maybe yes. Does it block a lot in terms of security / innovation? Idk prolly yes.

Apple has a pretty awesome ecosystem. It’s not yet 100% there where I would want it to be (as in “it just works” is not the case for me in some things - like failed syncing between devices where it should “just” work).

A lot of pain though for programmers who made either the wrong decisions (not porting it to 64 bit etc.) and or thought they won’t ever need to touch their code again…


Well… this change was already introduced a while ago. And i understand apple. They font want to support old stuff aka invest themselves in legacy systems instead of having resources available for innovation.

I tweeted Elektron to see if we could get some clarity from them about what’s going on. Any help to apply a bit of pressure there would be good. Tweet is here: https://twitter.com/planet_guru/status/1349100230235582465

I would be happy to switch over to a different machine, running Catalina if this is going to be very protracted. Elektron owe us a bit more transparency here. I bought a Digitakt because of this capability.

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Maybe they just don’t know how long it will take?

They have already said they are working on it.

30 minutes for someone at Elektron to write a short description of the task as they see it. A summary of how many resources are being assigned to it. Is anyone at Elektron actually working on it?

Followed by a 2 minute update per week.

To each their own, but that will make zero difference to me. I don’t need to know how many resources are working on it, and a update every week to tell me it’s not ready is just noise.

The release for 2.0.44 says “whilst we continue to work on providing compatibility for the new macOS, Big Sur”

Another couple of comments saying they are working on it, but can’t give a date (‘prediction’):

The way I see it - this is a big change, forced by Apple. They are working on it. Giving an update every week to say “we are still working on it”, or giving a thumb-suck prediction is useless for me.

If you are not on Big Sur, don’t upgrade. If you upgraded, and you can not wait, you will have to downgrade. That sucks, but it is the reality.


Blockquote If you are not on Big Sur, don’t upgrade. If you upgraded, and you can not wait, you will have to downgrade. That sucks, but it is the reality.

The other reverse scenerio is: On Big Sur and M1 by necessity now-not downgradeable. Will re-consider buying that Elektron gear now and may end up with an alternative in the meantime. or selling elektron gear. that one already has.
Sucks for Elektron but it is a reality.

A earlier post in this thread said that Ploytec aren’t developing the usb audio driver (as used by Elektron for OB) for Big Sur anymore, so i guess Elektron are having to write a new driver from scratch. Might be a while…


Yeah one of the best things I ever did for my mental health was to turn off Apple auto updates.

Sad but true! :laughing:


That is a brand new platform, hardly surprising that everything else doesn’t work with it immediately.

If someone sells all their Elektron gear over that, good luck to them.

Yes, and again Elektron not actually saying anything substantive means that ‘rumours’ like this can swirl

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you’re saying i’m spreading rumours huh

I have always regarded ‘overbridge’ as a way for Elektron to avoid putting extra analog outs on their gear. Every extra analog out adds 50¢ to the manufacturing cost. 50% (who knows the real number-but some %) of users never use extra analog outputs. but if people ask for extra outs Elektron can say hey ‘use overbridge’

Overbridge does do other things.

Potentially. Everyone does. (including myself)
Elektron could clear it all up by being transparent.

You want an update every week or so telling you that it’s still not ready. Understood.

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It’s not the ‘full OverBridge’ experience, but A4 mkII and RYTM mkII (latest firmware), and I think DT and DN support individual outs over USB class-compliant audio. That will work on Big Sur and Apple Silicon.


I want a starting assessment of what Elektron sees as the challenges. how much human res. they are going to apply to it. And then running updates about things they have got nailed down or possible potholes they have encountered. I think that asking Elektron to devote 3% of 1manhour per week to this will not detract from their other tasks.

You are not really in a position to demand anything. You are just an anonymous internet users. As they have clearly stated in different messages. Is that it might take a few months. So just use usb audio / out, and record your stems. It is almost as fast.


Maybe Elektron should get into the computer industry. I can see it now…

A pill like computer like the Mac Mini dedicated to running a simple DAW. This DAW will also make it easier on other software plugin developers because updates will be few and far between.

The DAW doesn’t need to be thought up from the ground zero either. A quick partnership with a current DAW provider (Cubasis are Swedish and are yet to have a desktop DAW right!?) would help the process.

I know it won’t be for the many. And some people will not like the idea for various reasons.

Overall, it would be a solution to an eternity of gripe and moaning. How long is this thread now? :joy:

The new Akai MPCs are minicomputers running a simple DAW on linux.

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