Overbridge & macOS Big Sur

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Well you could just record tracks into ableton. Setup different audio tracks. Or have your pattern looping for a while. And mute unmute tracks for 16 bars or so. In ableton you can easliky chop it up and copy to a designated track

This might be of interest. I think these are the guys who originally supplied the USB drivers for Elektron and Access (Virus).

They’re apparently saying that they can no longer support MacOS!

“macOS Big Sur 11 no longer loads kernel extensions, it’s not possible to provide an update for Big Sur. Still, we have plans to keep the driver updated for earlier versions of Mac OS X.”


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Your message made me pretty anxious I have to admit… I hope you’re wrong to be honest

Sure, but the question is how to sync the DAW with the machines while jamming for example.

Hello guys, if I simply want to use my Digitakt as audio interface, do I need Overbridge or not? Got a new laptop a few days ago which is on Big Sur and don’t remember if Overbridge is needed for that or not :sweat_smile:

If this will take as long as it took to get overbridge up and running in the first place than there will be no M1 Version in the near future I guess.

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It is class compliant usb audio for 2 channels, so you can use it like that without ob in the meantime… just set digitakt to the correct mode

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Oh right that’s what I forgot. I was used to keep it in Overbridge always but indeed, just need to use the USB AUDIO/MIDI in USB CONFIG. Thanks!

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Nobody likes that …but still gave you a like - because don’t kill the messenger, right? :blush:

This is really bad news if that’s true. But well… USB Compliant Audio still works on the M1 and always will as long as it supports standard USB audio.

And features like total recall - which is what I would miss the most since everything else was never really working for me anyways (freezing/slow UI when controlling externally) could be still implemented somehow - I guess - but could lose some immediacy (as in not being ‘realtime’)?

What exactly is the problem? Ableton can send sync to each device.

I don’t know if it’s true in Elektron’s case, but we Virus Ti owners reckon it’s killed that system for Total Integration.

It would be really nice if Elektron could comment on the path ahead of us including a possible time frame.

I want to buy a new Macbook this year and if it is true that Overbridge will no longer work with upcoming versions of macOS, I might consider rather buying a 2019 MacBook and run it with Catalina for as long as possible. On the other hand if there is a solution on the horizon even for end of the year I would wait and then move to Apple Silicon at some point.

I am also wondering why an old firewire interface from Focusrite is supposed to still work with Big Sur (haven’t tried it myself of course) and it is using a kext… but I am not a macOS expert…

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Development from many audio software developers is now so laggy that proper Catalina support was fairly recent when Big Sur was already about to drop… they (Apple) CANNOT do this sort of massive change every major update, they have to stabilize at some point right?

True, but we know this kind of arrogance since Apple exists, right? :- :grin: And I am not blaming Elektron in any kind, just need some heads up before buying a new Mac. And I am not planning to switch to Windows ever…

I think Apple is almost there where they want to be. Ditched 32 bit / iOS + macOS are now more compatible than ever etc. I was setting up a Windows PC lately and was surprised how backwards compatible it still is (I bet you could even run Windows 95 or even 3.11 Software on it!). Is this a good thing? Maybe yes. Does it block a lot in terms of security / innovation? Idk prolly yes.

Apple has a pretty awesome ecosystem. It’s not yet 100% there where I would want it to be (as in “it just works” is not the case for me in some things - like failed syncing between devices where it should “just” work).

A lot of pain though for programmers who made either the wrong decisions (not porting it to 64 bit etc.) and or thought they won’t ever need to touch their code again…


Well… this change was already introduced a while ago. And i understand apple. They font want to support old stuff aka invest themselves in legacy systems instead of having resources available for innovation.

I tweeted Elektron to see if we could get some clarity from them about what’s going on. Any help to apply a bit of pressure there would be good. Tweet is here: https://twitter.com/planet_guru/status/1349100230235582465

I would be happy to switch over to a different machine, running Catalina if this is going to be very protracted. Elektron owe us a bit more transparency here. I bought a Digitakt because of this capability.

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Maybe they just don’t know how long it will take?

They have already said they are working on it.

30 minutes for someone at Elektron to write a short description of the task as they see it. A summary of how many resources are being assigned to it. Is anyone at Elektron actually working on it?

Followed by a 2 minute update per week.