Overbridge and Reaper

Hi erveryone,

I’m having issues with Overbridge and Reaper : I still can’t manage to record individual tracks from the DT in my DAW.
When I arm recording for each track, no signal seems to appear.
If I then open individual audio files in Wavosaur and normalize them, the sound comes but there is also an awful noise with it.

Could anyone help me set this up, please ?

Thank you !

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Iirc Right click somewhere and “record output”

Thank you for your answer, but it doesn’t seem to work (or I simply couldn’t manage it : when I right click somewhere, I don’t get the “Record output” message).

I won’t be at the studio for awhile to check.

But try searching for “how to record vst output reaper”

Try right clicking on the arm record

Thank you very much for your help !
I’ll try this method as soon as possible.

I’m sorry, I can’t manage it.
I loaded the DT on a new track as a VST instrument, then chose to route the eight outputs of the DT to eight new audio tracks I created.
When I hit the “Play” button, it seems to work, as every audio track gets a signal, but as soon as I arm recording for each track, the signal disappears.

I think I’m going to let this down (maybe I don’t know enough about routing to sort this out).

Don’t worry. Hand to heart it works.

Try this thread: the first reply is the answer.

But if you don’t get it I can help better later. Reapers have to stick together in this Ableton world :wink:

Thank you so much for your help ! It worked… :heart_eyes:

I can’t understand why I couldn’t manage it by simply routing the 8 tracks of the DT to 8 new tracks and record them (I certainly did something wrong), but I will use the method you taught me.

Thank you for not letting me down and for your kind words (Reaper users need to stick together, you’re right) !

Have a good day.


Just want to say thanks to all those giving out reaper help with OB.

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