Overbridge 2.0.59 for macOS Big Sur - Public Beta

Digitakt OS 1.30 compatibility! This public beta of Overbridge for macOS Big Sur is compatible with Digitakt OS 1.30 and the new parameters have been added to the plugin. We have also taken a huge leap forward and all your Overbridge compatible Elektron devices can now be used as regular sound cards on macOS Big Sur via CoreAudio. Please note that this is still a public beta, as opposed to a stable release. A stable release is not far away now though. Overbridge for macOS Big Sur includes a brand new driver (a complete re-write!) based on Apple’s new driver architecture DriverKit, which is necessary for macOS 11.0 and later. Developing a new driver is not something that is easily done and our software team has been working very hard for a long time to get where we are today. Thanks for testing and helping us find where final tweaks are needed!

Warning! We recommend waiting with updating your computer to macOS Big Sur until we have released a stable version of Overbridge for macOS Big Sur. This public beta is mainly targeted towards those who are already using macOS Big Sur.



Main changes since Overbridge 2.0.53 Public Beta

  • Added support for Digitakt OS 1.30 and its new features.
  • Added support for using a device as a sound card via CoreAudio.
  • Fixed issue with mono bus configurations not working in Logic Pro X on Apple M1.
  • Fixed issue with USB driver after waking up from sleep on Big Sur.
  • Fixed issue with plugins sometimes unable to connect to Overbridge Engine.

Compatible Device OS

Click on the links below to reach the respective download page for each Overbridge 2.0.59 compatible device OS.

Analog Rytm OS 1.61B

Analog Rytm MKII OS 1.61B

Analog Four OS 1.51

Analog Keys OS 1.51

Analog Four MKII OS 1.51

Analog Heat OS 1.21

Analog Heat MKII OS 1.21

Digitakt OS 1.30

Digitone OS 1.31

Digitone Keys OS 1.31

How to report issues

Please report potential Overbridge 2.0.59 related issues in this thread. Refer to the Overbridge Manual (9.1 MB) before asking for help if you’re unsure of how to set up and use Overbridge. Make sure to include the following information in your report:

  • macOS version number and computer hardware.
  • Name of the Elektron device (e.g. Analog Four MKI/MKII etc.).
  • Elektron device OS version (shown briefly in the lower right corner of the display when the device is powered on).
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce (if possible, but please report issues even if they aren’t reproducible).
  • DAW name and version (when applicable). This can usually be seen when starting the DAW.
  • In some cases, we may need you to extract logs. Please refer to these instructions if we ask for logs.

If you experience a potential firmware or hardware-related issue, which is not related to using Overbridge on macOS Big Sur in any way, please contact support rather than reporting in this thread.


At first glance new OB works fine with Logic on M1 BigSur (A4 and DT)

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Just deleted the previous version and installed the latest ( and… it works ! I now have access back again in standalone and DAW mode (MBP 16 Intel / Big Sur 11.4 / Logic here). The driver seem to have been cooked the right way. A new ‘Digitone’ banner showed up in the audio/midi configuration. The OB app wasn’t working until I saw a tiny message in the lower left corner mentioning a sync activity with my Digitone. After a few seconds, the digital creature came back to life for new Overbridge adventures. I’m a happy Elektronaut now !


I’m not sure if this is Big Sur related or something that’s not possible. Using the 1.30 Digitakt update and Overbridge, I can’t seem to be able to stop the input signals from appearing on the main out when using the new external mixer feature.

I have 2 synths connected to my Digitakt and input channels through Overbridge set up to receive the dry synth signals in Ableton. But I’m finding that the synth signals are getting doubled up as they’re also coming through the main out, rather than just send effects.

If I turn down the input channel levels on the external mixer page, it also turns down the send effects I’ve applied to the synths.

Since upgrading, the plugins are no longer reporting their latency to Ableton (latest version), hence everything is out of sync.

Hovering over the device tells me: “latency 0 samples”
EDIT: AU seems to work fine, only VST shows this issue

AR, Digitakt, Digitone

iMac '15, Intel, Big Sur

Worked fine in the previous version, nothing else changed in my system


Same in the .58 release too

Thank you for reporting this. I can reproduce the same behaviour. Works for AU, but not VST. We will get this fixed as soon as possible.


I still have an annoying issue : the volume is pretty unstable when the Digitone app is active, especially when using the recorder. It’s weird with huge volume drops or jumps and I guess it has something to do with the interconnection between the driver and the app.

Are you referring to the output volume when monitoring the Digitone? Is INT TO MAIN set to AUTO in settings > audio routing in the Digitone hardware when this happens? Are you experiencing the same thing if INT TO MAIN is set to OFF?


Frankly, I never paid (enough) attention to those options which are pretty confusing in my opinion. I set the Int to main to OFF, but it didn’t cut the signal as explained by the user manual. Shouldn’t it cut down the main output in OB Mode ? I tested it in standalone mode and in my DAW. The only difference is when set to ON, I have a huge volume leapEither OFF or AUTO makes no differences. I couldn’t reproduce the volume issue I had a few days ago, so I guess it’s more a kind of bug.

When set to OFF or AUTO, only the audio that is streamed over USB should be sent to the main and headphone outputs (when using Overbridge). The actual internal audio should not be heard. When set to ON, both the audio streamed over USB and the internal audio is sent to main when using Overbridge. We have seen that when using the AUTO setting and the Digitone CPU is put under a lot of stress (by e.g. automating multiple parameters at the same time) it can suddenly think Overbridge isn’t active and start to output the internal audio, which can result in a volume leap. I suspect that is what you’re experiencing. We are working on a fix for this bug. Using the OFF setting you should not experience this.


Thanks for your explanations. After a few more tests, I had been able to get the right behavior for the OFF/ON/AUTO Int to main under Logic and Live, but it’s still a bit buggy. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. There’s indeed something to polish here.

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I can confirm this also.

same here bitwig…
no sync and delay compensation

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I can’t load the new OS. I am getting [Upgrade Failed Checksum Error].
Mac M1 OS11.4
Analog Rytm 1.61

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Experiencing the same error as @marchellner. Luckily I keep an old MacBook around and w/ that the upgrade was seamless. As a developer on Apple platforms for the last 10 years, I applaud you all at Elektron for attempting to keep up with their debilitating developer demands, thanks for all the hard work!

New updates from today work perfectly for me.

same. for me. M1 Mac - Bitwig 4.0.1 no delay compensation