OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


Pattern Mute = BANK+TRACK just like in DN

If you mute one o multiple tracks and switch to another pattern, those tracks 1 will NOT be muted unless they are muted too on the switched pattern.
If you return to the original pattern track those track stay muted unless you unmute them


OS 1.31 has been released: Octatrack


What about fixing the long lasting bugs including the below items:

  • Mixed track settings across parts that makes OT unreliable in live situations (reported almost a year ago).
  • Issue with led brightness by active page and active scene display on MKII (reported when MKII appeared).
  • Static samples get unloaded when memory config changed (reported some years ago).


As a new owner of the OT MKII please implement a different LED coloring solution to the PAGE button.

I have 20-15 (better than 20-20) vision with no color blindness and it’s almost impossible for me to quickly tell which page is active in bright or dark situations. I have to scroll through the pages multiple times while looking at an angle to catch which LED subtly changes.


very much this


I reported this as a bug eons ago.


Yeah it catches me out more often than it should to be honest.


+1 for LED colouring on PAGE button.


I don’t suppose there’s hope for an update that adds full bank select (MSB and LSB) to the MIDI sequencer? Or even a means of correctly sending out stored CC0&CC32 values prior to any program change?
Hey, a guy can dream… :slight_smile:


Fellers! We finally struck Octatrack gold! A screensaver hic

Cheers! :face_vomiting:


Okay, you got me, Elektron.



I really hope after Overbridge finally comes out they will put more resources and effort towards firmware updates. They say it’s not the same team but it kinda feels like it is (more probably its that the dev team responsible for Overbridge sucks resources out from the firmware team that has to keep the hardware compatible).


This is a new os?


I don’t think so. According to reported replies from support, the dev team appears to think that the current Bank Select behaviour is correct and that all the manufacturers that use Bank Select LSB are doing it wrong. :nej:


I suppose this update will save my OLED from burn in. None the less I appreciate something vs nothing. But back to that laundry list of bugs that still need to be fixed. :scream:


I was so excited to see a new update for OTmk2 that I jumped out of bed (yep, I check elektronauts everyday before feet hit the floor).
I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling let down by it just being a screensaver.
I’ve never really had issues with ghosting or with the screen in general…like at all.
Am I in the minority?

Super duper +1 on the page bank LED. I also have to cycle a bunch to figure out what page I’m on…very frustrating at times.

What a lackluster update. Hopefully they’ve got better tricks coming soon…real soon


It’s a welcomed update for longevity freaks like myself but… I mean… I could’ve waited until whenever literally anything else came along with it to receive such an update…


Yeah, I’ve come across this kind of [reason for inaction] before. To those wanting to make music with common gear that uses MSB and LSB (such as Roland JVs, Blofeld, Minilogue xd as I am today), it doesn’t really matter who did it wrong.


I reckon this update is a massive troll and the real one is coming.


Just played with slide trigs for the first time. Is there any way of making a slide trig conditional? Oh that’d be sweet

Conditional Trigs + Parameter Slides

Someone will surely correct me if I’m wrong but I believe only note tris are conditional