OS 1.31 adds a screen saver to Octatrack MKII machines that dims the screen after 5 minutes of inactivity and turns off the screen after 60 minutes. Press any key or move any controller to wake up the screen.

Visit our support page to download the new firmware.


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OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

Not concerning MKIs at all?

Keeping 1.30B then.


Ah, much needed!! Thanks! :elot:


The mk1 screen doesn’t need it, and likely can’t be dimmed in the same way (I’m guessing it’s using PWM to dim the OLED?)


Right. This OS release was a necessity for the MKII screen’s well-being over time.


I mean this sincerely, why was this much needed? Do you have really bad ghosting or artifacts?
I’m going on 2 years with my mk2 and I’ve never had an issue with my screen.
I was honestly perplexed when I read the notes.

Ah, Simons post above answered it. I know Oleds can have some trouble so if this helps long term, that’s good. Hopefully more bug updates soon…?


yes, long term solution.


on a sort of related issue, is there a known bug when coming out of Arranger mode where a line of ghost pixels are left over on whatever screen you return to when exiting Arranger? - this happens on mine. They go away once I’ve pressed something else (stop for example). I searched on here but couldnt seem to find anything, but I thought I’d ask before considering raising a ticket.

Im on a mk2 on 1.30D btw.


THANK YOU!!! I can finally relax about leaving my Octatrack turned on for ages.

THANKS!! :smiley:


I also see these artifacts when exiting arranger, mk2, 1.30C.

Good news about the update, my screen has suffered burn in for awhile, but I couldn’t see the point of getting it replaced until there’re was a SW fix.

Now onto fixing the pattern LED brightness :sunglasses:


Not a bug, that’s how this type of OLED behaves.


that’s weird… why not in any other scenario, just exiting arranger?


Look again. Try test mode. You might just notice it more then.


@Ess, will the displays with mild burn-in recover over time?


Wow. That was coming really unexpected. I much appreciate this change.

Thanx, @Elektron!


Sweet, thanx @Elektron


My gratitude overfloweth