OT Feature Requests Thread (active)



On the MICRO TIMING menu, there is a parameter called TRIG CONDITION with which a set of conditional rules can be applied to sample/note trigs, lock trigs, trigless trigs, and one shot trigs, using a parameter lock.

So no conditional locks for slide trigs and also none for recording or swing trigs.


12.4.7 SLIDE TRIGS Slide trigs can make the parameter values of a sample trig slide to the parameter values of the subsequent sample trig.

That was the first rule. Sample trig have new rules (TRC)… didn’t try, but, why not when condition is false (edited) ?

It doesn’t work for A4/AR apparently.


Apparently slides are active with the subsequent sample trig, trigless trig, one shot trig, but not trigless lock trig.
Armed, not armed, TRC true or not, don’t seem to change slices behavior.

There is a thread for “happy with update 1.31 people only” apparently.


I just found a workaround : :loopy:
Example test :
Trig 8 > pitch = 0, TRC = 50%, microtiming +23/384
Trig 9 > pitch = +12, TRC = /PRE
Trig 13 > pitch = 0
Slide trig on step 9

Enjoy Conditional Slides!
Apparently the first trig concerned by the slide can be conditional, not the following. More tests needed.


Octatrack firmware feature request:

When in GRID REC mode, active page lights GREEN

Assuming these are RBG leds on both OTs:
any other colour than slightly brighter red. I can almost never tell which is the active page without tapping page a couple of times

I know these LEDs are capable of lighting green. in the delay control mode they light green to indicate triplets & even divisions - but you can’t use this mode in GRID REC mode. Is there any conflicts with grid recording and other modes that use a green LED?


This a million times. Green LED indicator for page would be unbelievably helpful.


They have to be RGB… Red obviously because they toast my eyeballs everyday, green happens on the startup animation, and green is a mix of yellow and blue. Yellow + red indicates the current page while the pattern is playing, which leaves blue as the only one we never really see directly…


MIDI record trigs

(just trying to find a feature that hasn’t been requested yet)


Most wanted features for me are quality of life improvements to the sequencer. All of these have definitely been mentioned before… :sweat_smile:

  • Being able to hear the note played as I hold a trig + a midi key on a keyboard
  • A way to play back (p-locked) sounds like on the rytm and A4 (trig + yes perhaps?)
  • The ability to use the different playback modes over midi. 64 slices mapped to a keyboard or launchpad would be pretty mindblowing

I love my OT mk2, but the newer sequencers have spoiled me.


From the Great Book of Magic & Wisdom (aka OT-Manual):

[TRIG] + [YES] will turn a lock trig into a trigless trig.


You can already do this when you utilize a midi translator (long but interesting thread ahead):


Darn the OT has so many features it’s hard to keep track of some of the shortcuts. Surely there’s one trig shortcut that hasnt been taken yet?

Shame it seems to either sacrifice the crossfader or introduce a noticable amount of latency.

Either way I’m not really holding out for a big update. Just figured I’d share some of the things I wish the OT did better as it’s a bit cumbersome in grid recording mode compared to newer devices. I suppose the best workflow for it is to record in live recording mode, using the trig buttons in chromatic or slice mode. Then going into grid recording to do clean-up.


All I want is to be able to copy and paste between patterns while the sequencer is running.


You can. I guess you mean copy / paste pattern A to pattern B while playing pattern A?
Transition trick may help.


It can be a temporary sacrifice. You can program the midi processor to change scenes only when playing slices with external device.

Precision : the latency is the time it takes to change the slice number, not the time to play the sample.


The OT is almost perfect so i only want these 3 things:

  • Slider for MIDI please. I want to map CC parameters to scenes (A/B) just like all the other parameters. Please. Did i say Please? It makes no sense to hold the machine back like that. If you are concerned about MIDI resources i am okay with sacrificing LFOs in exchange or accept a limit of just 2 parameters per track or maybe even just one. (yes, i am that desperate)

  • Fix/Enhance the Bank Selection message. Give us an option for the alternative BSEL message. There is even room on the MIDI Setup Screen as only the top 3 knobs are occupied. There are many instruments out there that don’t work with the default Bank message (Behringer Deepmind, Roland JV or Novation Peak for example).

  • Inherit the intuitive multi-step editing from Digitakt and Digitone to the MK2. Allow us to edit multiple steps at once by just holding down as many trigs as humanly possible and apply the knob value to all of them. This makes programming a lot more creative and fun and is a huge workflow accelerator.


If you are really that desperate for that functionality I wouldn’t rely on a possible update, which in the case of the OT may never come (for various reasons).

You can always transform the outgoing CC48 (crossfader position) with some external midi processing to whatever you want. Transform it to dozens of other CCs on various channels and see if the MIDI cable starts glowing :smiley:


+1 This would of course be very very helpful yes.


multi step editing on the octatrack indeed.


I heard rumors that Elektron omitted it cause they were worried about MIDI bandwidth. I say that’s a hoax. If I can potentially send 8 x 3 fast cc LFOs over the wire I am sure having another value goin from A to B will not break it.

I looked into 2 midi dongles for the slider CC but I am not fond of having to manage the configurations for every bank externally. Might be different if that device would listen to program changes so I can sync settings to my current bank/part, but such device doesn’t exist as far as I know.

Elektron should just get on with it. There is no point holding back… I am tired of handholding. Should just enable it and let us figure out the cons and find our own workarounds if there really is a bandwidth issue…


I’d also like a simple way to set RLen to number of steps beyond 64, it would make recording samples to be used as static files for easy slicing much simpler, without the use of needless workarounds.