Conditional Trigs + Parameter Slides


Apologies if this topic has been covered previously, or is lurking somewhere in the manual.

I’m trying to figure out the behaviour of conditional trigs with parameter slides.

Let’s say I have two trigs on a kick drum track, the first on step one and the second on step 9. The first one is a standard trig with a parameter slide, the second is a 1:2 conditional trig with the Osc 1 pitch locked to a higher value. Even when the second trig doesn’t sound, the first trig will still slide towards its locked values as if it were a trigless trig.

Is there any way to set it so that there’s no slide when the conditional trig isn’t set to trigger, as if the step were muted when the condition is false?


Didn’t try, but it’s a bit sad if it’s doesn’t work.
Maybe workarounds with TRC trigless trigs + lfo just after the first trig?


Discussed this ‘anomaly’ during the beta just over 3 years ago, there’s been no shift, so this is probably not considered as a bug

A trig mute will prevent the slide but a TRC mute will not - so a TRC ‘mute’ is unfortunately working differently conceptually - maybe there’s a reason why it has to work this way, but it didn’t sit right for me then and the sliding to a non trigging trig is often odd (although potentially creative) - so you can drop in a Trig Mute to kill the slide but you’d have to do it manually which is not what you want to hear

Can’t link to those threads, but it’s briefly touched on here along with official info to ponder


I ran into this on AR recently…


Yeah, it’s absolutely not a dealbreaker for me, I was just wondering if there was something I’m missing. I’ll just have to roll my sleeves up and play the mutes when I want the effect I had in mind.


Can’t post in the OT thread, and can’t try with A4 now so, maybe a workaround…(working for OT)
Please test it!

I just found a workaround : :loopy:
Example test :
Trig 8 > pitch = 0, TRC = 50%, microtiming +23/384
Trig 9 > pitch = +12, TRC = /PRE
Trig 13 > pitch = 0
Slide trig on step 9

Enjoy conditional slides. :slight_smile: