OT Feature Requests Thread (active)


+1 for screen saver, or invert screen every x amount of minutes, my MKII has screen burn in despite fairly light use, just over 1 year old.


The page led indicators on the MKII: I find that the current page led glowing slightly brighter than the others is difficult to differentiate. On startup you can see that these leds can change color. Using a different color to indicate the current page with the others red would be very helpful!

I’ve just noticed that this product picture on the Elektron site shows the selected page led lit up yellow…so is this a bug?


+1 !


Depends on what trig mode you’re in. It lights up green in chromatic and slice mode if I recall well. It’s a multicoloured led for sure. In track mode where we need it most the current selected page is indistinguishable from the others. Definitely a handicap that could be corrected imho


+1 also for the pages LED. Just got my brand new MK2 yesterday (part of the family, yay !!!) and it’s indeed not very clear which page is selected when you’re in grid recording mode. And yes it’s green on some other pages but I can’t recall exactly when. Looks like someone forgot to code something here :roll_eyes:


+1 for MKI. :stuck_out_tongue:


Elektron should integrate a flexible robotic mode track and master orientated into the system. Also in Digitakt.


I just don’t get what u’re refering to…


I have no idea what they’re talking about but I’m going to support that notion anyway…
+1! :smile:


Siri integration might be helpful too.


Hey Octatrack, mangle some samples!


Hey OhTee switch to auto performance mode - I’m wasted!


This thread kind of makes me feel blue. I mean, is there any expectation that this thread is not a boneyard?


Best thing is to send feature requests in, they review them once per month. Not sure if anyone from Elektron checks this thread.

Definitely the scale page led and step record length need fixing, both seem long overdue to be fixed.


Sheeiitt… They could start taking away features and I’ll still be happy for quite some time… :slight_smile:


Simon shows up around the forum regularly so I think they do see it. It’s an easy way to see what is most often requested. But if we want to make sure it gets seen we should send it in. I’m noting my most requested features and have send them in once.


One thing this thread has going for it is that it’s 5 1/2 years old and including the closed request thread totals about 1/3 of the size of DT feature request thread… :smile:


But my fear is… Will the Octatrack ever see another bugfix?


I prophesize there’ll be at least another bug fix. There’s only been one OS for MK2 that introduced conditionals and there’s some bugs regarding track scale with the conditionals, maybe other minor bugs too… I imagine they’d want to fix em…


Some crazy American once said:
“Only thing to fear is the Octatrack itself”

I think I got that right… :thinking: :smile: