OT Feature Requests Thread (active)

No requests in this thread yet for “Direct Jump”?

Would be great to change patterns and maintain step position for all sorts of fun live jamming.


:thinking: If I’m correct you can achieve this by setting the pattern chaining behaviour to 1/16.

Unfortunately not. 2/16 is the shortest option but more importantly the pattern restarts at step 1.

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Yeah direct jump would be great. I love that feature on my AR.

Dammit. There are some choices they made i really don’t understand.

I’d love it too!

Non ideal workarounds

I could do it with Arranger and trickery. Too complicated.
SPP messages with midi controller? - #35 by sezare56

Another non ideal workaround with DT or DN :
Send program change + restart note (B1/B2). It start patterns directly. Use offsets on patterns shifting them with Fn+arrows according to DT/DN trigs position.



I think I’ve seen it discussed on the forum as “legato mode”.

Edit: here it is

Some sort of crossfading option for loops would be really nice. I was just trying to sample a perfect, continous loop yesterday and it’s impossible.

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Yes, I’d also like better options.

There is recording fade in and fade out. They can act as crossfade if you record with Pickups, or Flexs set to overdub (I didn’t test with fades). Unfortunately, the fades curves a totally inappropriate for crossfades, and the curve doesn’t change with length accordingly.
It just add sillence if you increase length ! Ridiculous. Use minimum value only.

As usual, there are workarounds with OT, using 2 tracks and 2 recorders, slides on VOL, you can make crossfades. So it’s possible, but not satisfaying.


Yeah, it’s like a 100 euro boss looper pedal can do it, why can’t my otherwise perfect 1400 euro sampler? Should be as easy as set crossfader on, press a button to sample and a button to stop and there’s your loop.

How would you set it up with 2 recorders? Recording trig on different steps, sample the same source & resample both samples to a 3rd recorder?

Quite! I don’t like that FOUT adds to total length, struggling to see what scenario would make that desirable.

Still, dependant on material I have managed to get seamless loops on OT, but yeah a bit annoying that in cases it is not always possible.

Yes, I think a few little things would make it as near as damn it.


I really don’t want to have to add a looper pedal or a 404 to my setup just for the simplest thing a sampler should be abled to do, hah.

Workarounds - it is the way :laughing:

Joking aside, probably taking imperfect loops, a bit of mangling using volume/envelope and resampling might yield interesting results - I never tried it but could be worth a punt?

I did get some passable results last night with all of the mentioned tricks, but in the end I just sampled the loop and the chords into a DAW & made the loop there. Such a frustrating omission from Elektron.

Parallel option for neighbor track: send pre-FX audio to neighbor with out muting current track

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being able to link tracks like on the MD would be sick. especially for MIDI tracks- it would make programming big chords way easier among other things

Please a decent way to get rid of clicks.

Threshold sampling like DT and Rytm.

Delay compensation to match “delayed” incoming audio (for example, my DN and Rytm go to Ableton and, from there, to the OT, but I can´t use the OT to launch samples because of the audio latency geneated by the whole chain).

Can’t you solve that problem with track delays in Ableton Live?

I have the kick outside the OT and that track has a track delay, but I need the trigs of the OT to sound a bit later, I can´t make the rest to sound earlier.

Is there something I missed?

I have a “performance mode” and a “production mode” in Ableton, depending if I want to hear what comes from the OT (with it´s matching Kick track) or the sound outside the OT. I assigned a key to switch from one mode to the other.

It would be great to use the samples I have in the OT, now I´m only using it to apply effects and resameple.