SPP messages with midi controller?

I planned to check midi thru with a midi monitor to see what is the buggy message.

Yes. OT was supposed to receive Transport only.

Possible with the RK002

The SPP message is like this
1 LSB = 1 step, 1 MSB = 128 steps

I think the easiest is to make correspond a row to a note value, mapped to MSB, so each row has to be 128 steps. Even for short pattern, it is doable with arranger Repeat, Length, Loop.
Might not work for original pattern lengths.

In that case, to play a specific step I’d rather use arranger Offset rather than LSB.

:loopy: Just had a crazy idea : if another message, mapped to LSB, is incremented at each step, theorically I think you can do direct jump (change pattern and play starting from the step corresponding to the previous pattern).
Can’t wait to try!:content:
Finger crossed.


It’s true that using a RK002 as a midiloop cable it’s almost like if we had a customizable firmware. Given that the RK002 is an Arduino platform with most of the Arduino IDE implemented everything Midi can be manipulated in endless ways. Speaking about Midi Real Time messages: clock can be maniputated (warped… ) too! Imagine setting a LFO to modulate the tempo…

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I think I can do that already with EPP+, mapping midi ticks to an arp and modulate it’s speed.
RK002 can go very far, for sure…

And yes it works!
OT midi loopback, randomization of rows with random notes on step 5 and 13, direct jump. :wink:

Same pattern with 4 different scenes.


Thanks for luring me into this thread, @sezare56.

I have a fairly extensive midi controller, however under song position/song select there is only the mention of No. Beats… no parameter to enter the likes of your (F2 X Y) And I couldn’t get anything to happen.

One would expect song control would be a staple function on a pedal, why does it have to be such a pain in the abyss, i don’t know.

Also I can’t say I understand this at all :
I mapped midi notes (Note number X, Velo Y) to
Stop (FC)
SPP (F2 X Y)
Continue (FB)

Could you explain how you are managed to jump around the arranger in your video, please?

:coffee: I don’t remember precisely, but I was sending midi notes with an OT midi track as timing reference. The midi processor converting notes to a SPP message, sent when receiving a note on another channel.

Not simple!

The SPP message is like this
1 LSB = 1 step, 1 MSB = 128 steps

I think the easiest is to make correspond a row to a note value, mapped to MSB, so each row has to be 128 steps. Even for short pattern, it is doable with arranger Repeat, Length, Loop.

In that case, to play a specific step I’d rather use arranger Offset rather than LSB.

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Hi @sezare56!

so I am trying to implement the SPP with my RK-002 to make a simple Arranger Mode iterator.
i want to translate a certain note on msg to a +1 row in the Arranger.

For testing I tried sending various data with RK002_sendSongPostion() function but I always get back the same midi note in the the midi monitor

[90 40 7F] channel 1: note On E4 velocity: 127
could you be so kind and share your code so I can find out what I did wrong?

best regards

I would be interesting to have your entire code.

I made it with Event Processor Plus, and I don’t think I have the script (fucked hard drive).

@grit from Retrokits may chime in, btw I’d be interested in working on other scripts for RK002, things like midi crossfader/scenes control with midi learn, comb filters control…

Pretty busy with other things, wouldn’t be able to concentrate on it without people knowing well RK002 scripts.

I hope I still can help about midi theory in that concern, and try to understand what I did ! :sweat_smile:

sry it was a problem in the midi monitor which was confusing me
now I use midi tools and it shows that actually it worked all the time… tadaa!

never trust a measurement :F

edit: it was the RK200 Upload program which I used as a midi monitor before

So are you guys saying that you can “Translate” a note to an SSP message which the OT arranger can understand?
I only have an iConnectMIDI+ and al pretty sure I need another device. Could you point me in the right direction? Would an RK-002 do the trick? Or the events processor @sezare56 is talking about?
Is it an easy process?
Would it be also possible to translate notes to cc or pc messages for example?

Translate these messages is pretty easy.

Understanding how Arranger interprets SPP is more complicated.

My idea was to use an OT midi track sending different notes as pattern position, map it to SPP.
Keeping sync, direct pattern/song jump. I had to find complex workarounds.

I should be able to reproduce it with EPPlus.

with the RK-002 you have a freely programmable microcontroller which translates every midi message into whatever msg or sys ex you want… lets say it ‘should’ be easy. :smiley:

So the Arranger and SPP. What I want is maybe a little strange.
I use all tracks in all patterns as one shot tracks/plays free. This way I can trigger bursts with midi note-on messages.

now my aim is to program the RK-002 in a way that it advances the SPP eg. on every midi note #44 (which is free in the standard note mapping in the OT manual) so I can arrange the order of my bursts and sounds as intended.

the problem is the arranger mode always advances.
but as I write I have an idea: i can stop the sequencer on every arranger advance when I loop back a midi track via the rk-002 and translate this midi note-on into a sequencer-stop or rt-stop. . . nice . . . :exploding_head:

I’ll try this tomorrow.

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hm, I replied to the wrong post, deleted it and now can not paste the same reply again… it was something like this: We updated the monitor, indeed it was not displaying that correctly, our devices can work with these messages for sure. I do not have an OT so it is pretty hard for me to help and check all these intricacies when bending MIDI on it but I’m sure a lot can be twisted to fit :slight_smile:


How do I program the microprocessor in the cable? Would I have to buy an Arduino board? Don’t know Arduino, so that would be bummer…

@dhoinjo no need to buy Arduino, it just use the software.

@grit told me there is a new script editor I didn’t test. He will explain it better than me !

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@dhoinjo you programm it via syses messages from your interface. I tried a fastrack pro but it didnt work maybe lack of power over midi, with the UCX no problem - all hail the rme.

so it works for me now and i am veeery happy that i can use the OT integrated in my plan - i’m gonna get crazy now :smiley:

what I am still wondering and will try to figure out is what the difference between sending note #33 - Sequencer stop VS one byte realtime stop 0xFC

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You can use the free arduino IDE with the RK002 board addon as described here: RK-002 MIDI Processing? Just DUY it! - Retrokits

But you can also use the online coder to compile scripts directly into the cable via webMIDI (chrome/brave or edge preferred but I think the new firefox browser also has webmidi now), it’s in the DUY portal under your account page: https://duy.retrokits.com/ in both cases you need a midi interface which can power the RK002 and can handle sysex messages. If your interface does not power the RK002 you can sometimes use another midi devices in-thru combo in between and use the thru power of the midi device to forward+power the RK002