Custom dictates that I set the next challenge after being voted winner of Open Battle #5 - A Human Touch

This one has a ‘festive’ theme, Me and my good mate Bill came up with this-

Make a drum pattern featuring a sleigh bell

Thats it, very simple. Just make a drum pattern, no more, no less. No melody, no chords, no bassline, just a beat. Now here are the conditions.

Condition 1
Include a sleigh bell sound as part of your pattern, you are free to DOWNLOAD and use these standard reference sleigh bell samples I recorded earlier. You may also use your own sample, or synthesize a sleigh bell sound using what ever method you like. (click on the clip to download)

Condition 2
No automation! Gasp!

Thats right- Parameter Locks are not allowed. Motion recording is not allowed. Automation of any kind is not allowed, however you may use LFOs, providing they are Random (or sample and hold)
clarification- X0X style step sequencing is allowed

Bonus Round
Festive bonus points will be awarded to those entrants who wear some kind of significant hat while recording their Drum beat and post a photo of either themselves wearing said hat OR a photo of the hat alongside your instrument.

Please upload your recording min 1 minute, max 3 minutes to this thread. Use either the uploader or soundcloud.

The challenge here is to make something creative and interesting within the conditions, so a loop wont cut it. Twiddle yer knobs (hurhur) and flick them faders, finger drum till your thumbs are numb, hammer those mutes and be the SLEIGHER! You can use any drum machine, groove box, synth sampler, Effects, etc that you like I really don’t care what you use, but yeah its electronic music so, you know… do that.

Deadline is end of January, or there abouts. One entry per person.
I look forward to hearing the Beats!


Looking forward to it - nice challenge!

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Are scenes with crossfader, retrigs, trig counts, trig conditions, lfo designer with random speed allowed ?

Possible to plock samples, slices?

Automation is not allowed.

Cross fader is manual, so that is allowed.
LFO must be random or sample and hold.

Retrigs no. Some drum machines let you play a roll, but not automate it (Electribes for example), that would be allowed.

Trig conditions counts as automation so- No.

P lock samples… No.
P lock slices No. These are both automations.

Parameter Locks, Motion recording, Automation not allowed. (Exception, random or sample and hold LFOs)

Manually triggered Fill mode, scatter, step jump, step loop, beat repeat, freeze delay, these kinds of functions are allowed, since they require manual triggering.

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Okay I’m definitely in for this one, though I may have to reach out to clarify some details once I get started. :slight_smile:


Sounds good, I’m in.


What is it?


Step sequencing, like the old Roland drum machines had. XOX = 909, 808, 707, etc.


So just to be clear, we can use whatever other sounds we want to as long as there’s a clear example of a sleighbell happening throughout the song, right? Or are we limited to just a sleighbell sound?

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Drum pattern. With Sleighbell. No automation.

Hats optional.


I find myself taking issue with the no automation or p-locking, especially in an Elektronauts thread but I guess I’ll give it a pass.

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That’s why its called a challenge :slight_smile:

Get involved :muscle:


I think that is the thing that I like about these challenges, is that it pushes you out of your comfort zone. I have only done a couple of them, but when you are forced to keep rules in your mind, you think differently about how you might approach a project, and that might open a different door in the future.


I recently got a BopPad midi pad, and this challenge looks like a good excuse to try it out.


I’m planning on putting a percussive track together with a bunch of sounds going at once, including a sleighbell, then manually adjusting parameters which are locked to my MIDI Fighter Twister. Recording some takes, finding what I’m happy with and bouncing it with some plugins for mixing etc.

Nothing too complex or else I’ll lose focus.

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How about velocity, pitch and note length?
On some sequencers they are intrinsic to the step, and recorded as you play them in.
On elektron they are recorded as P-locks,

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Good question.
Basic parameters such as Velocity, note, and note length, can be played in and recorded by the sequencer. As these are what is recorded when you hit a pad on a drum machine or key on a keyboard.

Any parameter recording beyond that is not. (So setting up a velocity mod to control other parameters like filter cutoff for example- this would be automation. And there for does not meet the conditons of the breif.)

@Claid, nice idea.


This challenge feels like the perfect opportunity to learn the performance mode on my tracker.


Belter! Thats the spirit


A tracker’s a tough one re. the rules isn’t it? Don’t you have to pretty much p-lock samples on each step? Does there need to be an arbitrary limit to the number of sounds/instruments/samples we can use?