I was going to use it just one sound per track, then only use performance mode or LFOs for modulation/movement.

Feels like it’s in the spirit of things


Yeah, that would work. I had just assumed I would do it on the RYTM, and when you mentioned tracker I started thinking about the M8, but I think the temptation to break the rules would be far too great.

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No melodies, but notes are ok?
Ok so it’s possible to record slices in Slice mode !

Careful @Sezare56, or I’ll change the conditions …

Its not a ‘how well do I know the octatrack’ challenge :wink:


This would be a correct understanding of the brief.


Use what ever instruments you like. They all differ, some have 4 tracks, 8, 16, 64, 11 etc.

Remember the conditon of the brief, no parameter locks. No automation.
So one track = one sound.

Nothing stopping you from using 4 drum machines though. If you cant do it with 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Just want to know the limits…
Still don’t know btw :content:

You want me to use parts, that’s it? :wink:



That is because your heavy use of octatrack over the years has muddied your brain- permanent analysis paralysis.

You do know, just read the breif, and follow it.

If you think your use of parts falls within the conditions of the breif, then that is fine.

hint changing parts manually would be OK, having a change of Part automated via pattern chain would be automation… and so not in the spirit of the challenge.

Pay attention to this post OT users (ya pesky buggers)


My government recently did more to convince me to check the rules before doing anything.

Sorry to be that picky, so pattern change with a part change is not allowed, but can we use several patterns ?
(Last question :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


This would be allowed. Manual pattern change is fine. Some machines only have 16 step sequencers, 1 bar patterns would be a tad boring.


You’ve got your work cut out for you here, @Microtribe !

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Here’s my entry, I used my Analog Rytm II with samples from the The Star Instruments Synare.
An analog drum synth from the 70ies that looks like a flying saucer and sounds pretty bonkers as well. See festive pic below.

No automation, I made use of the performance features of the ARII (not the scenes).
Also, I used some individual outs to route some sounds through external effects.
I use Black Hole symmetry for some analog delay feedback by twisting the knobs.
Sleigh Bell is routed through a Strymon Nightsky. Also used the FILL feature, a nice exercise in exploring the performance features of the AR. Recorded as a stereo file in Logic.

Happy holidays everyone!


That’s pretty far out…
Nice job!

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The three minute time limit was the hardest bit! Dam! I kept noodling off into the distorted abyss (its nice in there)
I started with the stock Sleigh bell sample found in the TR8-S, and this is where it went.
No Automation. S&H LFO used to modulate FM voices.

Also used:
Vermona Retroverb on pre fader send
Quadraverb send
Analog Heat on the master insert.

Recorded as one live jam straight to Tascam DR05. No hat, so no bonus points for me.


That made me regret selling my TR8-S.
First time I’ve felt that, really.
Fucking hell, good stuff.

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I tried to get those bell chime sounds you hear in shitty christmas pop songs. I used LT MT and HT all voiced with the same FM tone, pitched differently and played along while the pattern rolled. Not exactly christmas pop, but it is what it is.
The tape delay is total boss on that thing.

Still a few more weeks to post your beats.

Trying to get my shit together for this one. It sounds fun, and the entries so far are awesome.

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Again. This one didn’t gain much momentum so I’ll close it Jan 31st.

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