Open Battle #11 Panda Headphonia VOTE

Here are the parameters for the next challenge. Open to all, we don’t care what gear you use. We = @1-2 and me, joint winners of Open Battle #10.

1: All sounds must be HARD panned LEFT or RIGHT, ONLY.

2: Include a Pan instrument of some kind.
(Could be pan pipes, could be a sample from Pan’s Labrynth, could be a hand pan drum, record yourself banging a frying pan, synthesise something clever that fits, what ever.)

Submit your entry here, one per person. Deadline 1st September 2022


Ok! Here’s my attempt. This is also my first time doing modular techno (uh-oh…)

Sound sources are both channels of Piston Honda, panned right & left; and two kick drums (Braids and Entity Ultra-Kick) panned right & left. There’s a bit of additional percussion and a riser made from two samples of a hot pan. Finally, each channel is getting totally smashed & distorted by Mutable Instruments Streams in compressor mode.

(I did cheat a tiny bit by using non-panned reverb… sorry!)



So, no LFO modulations on Balance? I figured as much… but just checking…

I dont know how I could be any clearer. I used bold text and everything. :wink:


Here’s something I cooked up.

Started off trying to synthesise a steel pan sound in MiRack , which yeah, went somewhere else. 2 wavetable synths, 2 reverbs, everything hard panned. Each synth goes to a reverb which is hard panned to the opposite side, giving the illusion of a moving stereo field. Shed loads of LFOs, knob twiddling galore via the Shik N32B , recorded live through the analogue heat.


well, as a guy who is kinda pretty deaf in one ear this sounds like a drag.
i kinda gotta keep the shit moving, or at least not panned hard left or i dont hear a great deal of it and it sounds like distorted shit.
Bowing out…
i suppose im not thinking creatively am i…


Or… you could still have a crack at it anyway. Fuck limits. Find a way.

Yeah that.

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My entry.
GodDAMN i love the Octatrack. Took one sample of a Typhon sequence, and one sample of me whispering the word " Pan…" over a black candle (recorded backwards, of course) and it gave us this…
Resampling the Typhon over multiple tracks , and some dark reverb… couldnt figure out how to pan that? so be it.
I need to go wash all this blood off my hands now…


I like that a lot.
Ya learn something new everyday…

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Still time to get in on this one, folks.


Thx for the reminder!

  • Text from The Wind in the Willows, “The Piper at the Gates of Dawn”, public domain audio courtesy LibriVox
  • Pan pipes & perc, E-MU Planet Earth soundfont, Digital Sound Factory
  • Synclavier drone patch by me
  • Misc Korg Triton bits

I recorded a bunch of samples on my phone, utilising the 3 pans on the hob left to soak last night, and some aggressive pan cupboard attacking.

Ironically, I’ve discovered my phone is so old and fucked, it only records hard-panned to the left :rofl:


Four very different entries so far, get involved folks.


lets hear it…

Been busy with the Hip Hop battle so far, which I’ve been doing on Koala.

Going to try and sit with the DT for a bit today if I can get my work done early (I don’t have much on today)


Annoyingly long appreciation of the stereo demonstration record

Everything recorded separately, dual mono:
Only pure left and right channels
No panning, no stereo fx (delay verb etc)

Use headphones to get the maxium effect
Not mixed. Not meant for, or tested on speakers
:headphones: :headphones:


I waited to listen to everyone’s tracks until I posted mine. You all got a dark and mysterious vibe going, would make a good soundtrack to a David lynch film. Definitely got some nice stuff here, I really enjoyed everything.

Now I want to hear more.

There’s still time to get in here,
Hard pan panning is not so hard, so leave the separation to stereo channels, come join us and have some fun