Octatrack Templates

This is a 2 parter.
I love how each project with the Octatrack can be transformed from standard sampler groove box, to a loop machine, and to a mixer.

I’m curious how everyone has blank project templates set up and labeled? I hate having to start from scratch every time - so im thinking of making some empty project templates.

It would be cool to share some BEST of blank project templates if that interested some people.


Bank 16 Part1 contains my go to ‘template project’, so all the synths that are currently connected have midi ccs set up, all audio tracks are setup in a way I currently like to start with.

Much faster to start this way, I just copy the part from bank 16, paste and can start the track.

Bank 15 is setup for live sampling and mangling in various configurations, some parts focus on neighbour machines, some on thru machines etc…

Banks 9-14 are for experimentation, sometimes I store templates there as well, 1-8 are for building tracks, because other Elektrons have 8 banks per project. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t think you’ll need multiple templates. As @Schnork pointed out it is much easier to use a single template, but utilize some of the higher banks for special tasks.

I have, for example, one bank customized to produce multi-octave sample chains to overcome the 2 octave pitch restriction. The final sample chain holds the same sample pitched in octaves from -8 to +7 (16 slices). So by just selecting the right slice I can play a sample across 16 octaves later on.

But I only do this for stuff which takes really quite some time to set up. For most cases setting stuff up on the fly is good and fast enough.


@Schnork Seems a really good way! I should do similarly.
@tnussb I also did sample chains like that, some bank dedicated for that is interesting too!

Starting from scratch is good to memorize, experiment. But I use Flex most of the time, also random lfos with Hold setting, a master track. So for a while I used a template, but you have to save it as new, and save again to reload first state. So most of the time I start from scratch for a quick experiment.

In 2020 I’ll make a new template! Copy parts, then copy banks with a computer. Then I may create particular parts as @Schnork


Also don’t forget you can copy/paste playback/src, amp, lfo, fx1 and fx2 and ofc entire tracks (ofc also works on midi tracks). Makes setting up from scratch much faster.


I’m really intrigued by this, especially if there is a level of automation going on… got any more info?

I used to set up everything from scratch for years, but sometimes you quickly want to catch an idea and that idea can be gone (or partly gone) when you’re finished setting up tracks.

Thanks for the info!

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I’m curious when you define a time to start a new project vs creating multiple patterns within banks?

My method. Maybe @tnussb proceed differently? This would deserve a thread.
Resampling thread - #48 by sezare56


I stick to doing one track per bank, makes organization easier. So I can pull only eight tracks out of an OT project, but it really makes everything easier for me. There’s a folder for each OT project on my computer, each contains eight folders a-h with the title of the track, daw project etc.

Especially when I prepare stuff for playing live, it helps me a lot.


Yes, that’s the simplest one.


I have also experimented pitching down/up consecutively utilizing all 8 recorders in series (rec1 records -1 octave => rec1 playback with additional -1 octave & rec2 records => … and so on), but utilizing rate is much easier.


I guess this depends completely on your goal. I start a new project almost ever time I sit down with the OT, because my goal is neither playing live for an audience nor producing something what could be seen as an album.

My focus is simply on single audio pieces, so there is no need to pack multiple “tracks”/songs into a single project. With stuff separated into single projects it’s much easier for me to find it again afterwards.


Same boat, single experiments, but I ended with a lot of projects! For simple tests, bug tests, I may use a specific set.

More and more oftenly I use the same project to experiment something different, I just change bank.


So you prep samples in daw then Transfer to octatrack?

Love to hear an example of the kind of audio piece you’re talking about :heart::cowboy_hat_face:

And yeah I’m kind of feeling the idea of song per project and naming my ableton session the same name. Having multiple sessions spread across banks feels messy.

Is there a way to merge banks and patterns into projects later?

OctaEdit :nerd_face:

I thought octaedit didn’t work anymore?

OSv1.40 is not supported; and won’t be until OctaEdit v2 is released.

My advice is to wait until OctaEdit v2 is released.