Octatrack realtime guitar processing challenge


Hi all, new challenge!
Guitar only, preamp / overdrive / distorsion / cab sim allowed but no other fx, except OT fx.
Midi control allowed.

Second record, same pattern, slower tempo (90 bpm), slight modifications, cutting drums with xfader, and super cool light fx. :tongue:

First record, guitar in AH > OT > smartphone (OT straight in smarphone with a cable to avoid video editing ).

Guitar processing only, no samples except realtime recordings.
No more sound if I don’t play (you can hear that at the end). Drum sounds come from guitar processing too.


111 bpm
Input ABCD Noise Gate (Guitar with high distorsion is quite noisy, so without noise gate I would have continuous drum part, compressed with high gain).

Recording tracks have several rec trigs, reflecting track trigs.

Guitar > AH in L
AH out L > OT in A
OT Cue L > AH in R
AH out R > OT in C

T1 input A rec, plock for drums (filter for kk, sn, hh + comp)
T2 Neighbor (comb filters for kk + reverb for sn / hh)
T3 input A rec, sequence with some trig counts as retrigs, amp release quite short (flanger + fikter)
T4 input A rec, RATE = TSTR, slow freeze settings (highpass filter, long reverb)
T5 input A rec, PITCH -12, (filter)
T6 input C rec (reverb) additional AH overdrive
T7 CUE rec, PITCH +12 (delay)
T8 NEIGHBOR (reverb)


Analog Heat for as a guitar pedal

You’re a mad man. :joy::+1:


Awesome! I’d love to join this if I can figure out my foot switch.


HOLY SHIT. Yeah. Nice!!!


Are you using a foot pedal? Record trigs and sequencing, obviously. I have a weird vision of this sort of set-up, but with saxophone. We’ve discussed it in PM. :wink:


Big props Mr OT Challenge :slight_smile:


Not yet. Planning to control crossfader and patterns, eventually scenes. :loopy:

All recorders are sequenced in a 1 bar pattern.

I’d like to hear your stuff. :wink:
Saxophones allowed? :thinking:


Thats crazy good and fun! Props to the crazy Frenchman as ever :thup:


Working on it… maybe a proof of concept this weekend. Edit: Saxophone is just an input device. Sound is malleable. :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting that part… Would it be too much to ask about REC trigs? I’m really curious where you placed them for drums, especially.


Nice work, Monsieur!


So basically I have a rec trig for each track trig, in order to refresh sound constantly.
RLEN = 16 but recordings usually last 2 steps, one rec trig each 2 steps.
Some 4 steps recordings (less rec trigs) if I want to pitch up (with 2 steps delay).


Same pattern, slower tempo (90 bpm), slight modifications, cutting drums with xfader, and super cool light fx. :tongue:




That’s the shnizzz!


This is my new favorite thread. Crazy-great work, sir!


This is some real jedi-level stuff.


Fantastic! Will definitely try that, but you may need to wait a year or so for my contribution…


Love it! Going to try and replicate that!!!
PS- what guitar is that?!


Lapstick, really good quality travel guitar, shorter scale, A tuning is better I think, and it stay tuned. And it can do bass with OT! :smile: