Octatrack realtime guitar processing challenge


Very Cool!

I use the old Steinberer GT as a travel electric (https://www.thomann.de/gb/steinberger_guitars_gtpro_deluxe_bk.htm?sid=a60afa1e8053f07c2a286e42dd58721f) and it makes it look big!


Awesome :slight_smile: Just the kind of madness I bought the OT for!


I had it. :wink:
(Hohner Steinberger)

I can put my Lapstick in a jacket pocket! :rofl:




very sweeet! how are you getting the drums from guitar?


1 Flex + 1 Neighbor

  • Resonant filter with min width, max envelope, short decay for kick + comb filters with Lfo Exponential One on comb pitch
  • Hipass filter + reverb for snare
  • Hipass for hihat
  • Compressor for all, Atk max, Rel min, low Thrs, Ratio max, high Gain, Mix max.


Very slow tempo. My favourite :nerd_face:

I want it. Where is the input in smartphone? :face_with_monocle:


I use this video cable
OT Main L > jack / rca adaptator > white (or red, not 100% sure) video cable > smartphone headphones (most of them having mic input)


I didn’t know that. I should have RTFM of my phone :nerd_face::ok_hand:


Not sure if it’s written. I wanted to hack my smarphone headphones and finally I found that cable. :content:
Sound is mono, just ok quality for demos.
You may have to lower Main Level.


Guitar challenge is for me, so I’ve started collecting tips, thx


One of the best threads I had read for my personal OT use, with guitar (and other instruments in my mind) in a Live perfomance.

#sezare56, no Pickups? Only Flexs?

Thank you very much for the contribution and for the details you have given.


Agreed. I’ve appropriated @sezare56 's badassery into a few patterns using saxophone. I’ve got a little more to do before it gets from “concept” to “sketch” to “performance” …it’s very “proof of concept” at the moment. The lack of strings sustaining on the saxophone make refreshing record trigs a unique challenge. The drums stop when I breathe at the moment! (which can be very cool or very unwanted) I can circular breathe, but it takes away the attack of playing with more articulation.

Anyway. Yeah. I love this thread.


No pickups, only Flex. Only short recordings.
I gave up Neighbor, do it with Flex, recording / playing neighbor track.

For snares / hh I found a better way to generate noise from incoming signal : fastest random lfo on comb filters freq, and another rdm lfo on RATE eventually (positive values). Reverb to smooth noise, 2x tempo with 1/2 scale.


bonkers good that :slight_smile:


All without microtiming? :aw:


For Flex instead of Neighbor you need microtiming to play them “directly” but I found a workaround, as I use several trigs : swing!
Activate all swing trigs, set it to 51, and no need to set all trig’s microtiming with SRC3 recordings.




Wow, you’re the fucking master! :metal::pray: I will take a few days to digest all this information with my OT in front, but it will certainly be very useful to try this experiment.
It seems to me almost a fantastic compilation of tricks and tips to play live.
Thanks again :loopy:


More tips to come I hope : I’m still working on that challenge, without AH for more comprehensive stuff, guitar straight in OT, reverse fx, comb filter for drums…
I recorded that a few months ago (same principle, same guitar straight un OT) :