Octatrack And Digitakt: Experience with both and why you recommend them?

Hey there!

To best summarize what I’m trying to accomplish with this post, let me try to explain the best I can with ought becoming too verbose; I am attempting to build a hardware setup, and am wondering which of the two devices set above are the best for me. I already know I want one of these devices to act as the brain of my studio, since most other sequencers don’t quite fit my style of music. I own a model samples and love the way that it works, but would eventually like to upgrade, with ought making the former obsolete.

I like the functionality of the parameter locks, as well as setting individual BPM per pattern. I also enjoy the random/probability setting as well as the nudge functions of the machine.

I know the Octatrack and the Digitakt are the closest two to the Samples, albeit with major upgrades to some features as well as new ones. But I am unsure which would be right for me. Anyone who has any experience with either machine and can tell me what they like and dislike about each to help my narrow down my search would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

TL:DR; If you have any experience with the Octatrack or the digitakt what did you like and dislike about both? Asking for myself thx :slight_smile:

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