Digitakt Upgrade (Analog RYTM mkii or Octatrack)

I have a Digitakt, which I’ve been loving, but as we all know it’s missing a few things.

Namely -

  • stereo sampling
  • song mode
  • saving pattern chains

I understand this is meant as a performance device, or that’s been the argument, but it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to actually compose on this.

Anyway, initially I thought the Octatrack was the grown up version to the Digitakt. I’ve owned an Octatrack.

But, after looking a little more closely, it appears that the RYTM MKII might actually be the more complete version of the Digitakt.

Basically a Digitakt + Analog Machine? (minus Digitakt Midi capabilities)

Am I wrong here? Which would you choose if you wanted to expand on the Digitakt with the features mentioned above. Basically want a Digitakt with Stereo Options and Song Mode.


DT w/stereo options and song mode = OT.


Both together is the mostest awesomest!


Rytm samples in mono I believe. So if stereo samples are necessary the rytm is not what you want. But the OT is not simply an upgraded dt. The OT is a and complex unique beast.

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I get the OT is unique. Again, I’ve had an OT.

Stereo samples are a plus. Some sort of Song Mode is what’s Really Necessary. Pattern Chaining that can’t be saved isn’t good enough.

Here’s a question though. Is the OT missing anything that the DT has?

IDK, I think the RYTM MKII is the Big Brother to the DT, minus MIDI and the Analog Section. The RYTM MKII Sampler Specs. seem to read the same as the Digitakt’s minus the Digitakt MIDI Tracks.

Maybe, I’m wrong?

You are correct in thinking the rytm is sort of a big brother to the dt. There are some significant workflow difference but I think the two machines are made to see similar usage. The sampling workflow is also similar.

Rytm will not have midi sequencing but if you have a dt, that’s covered. Midi sequencing wise the dt can lock program changes per step which the OT cannot do. Beside that the OT is probably the more complex midi sequencer, for instance you get more lfos, midi retrig.

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Only things I can think of the OT missing from the DT is no Control All (with scenes its no problem) and mutes cut off the whole track output so you dont get reverb or delay tail.

But…it COULD be!

Void had SDS Drop which had an upgrade purchase where you could use stereo samples(naturally this is exclusively for samples from the computer over sampling)

Also it’s only available for mac.

SDS converted a stereo sample to two mono then took two slots/pads and hard panned them left and right. After that it could duplicate one tracks pattern to the other.

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