Digitakt vs. Octatrack

I am torn. I had an OT for awhile and just thought it would take me a year to learn it and running live.
I see the digitakt has midi sequencing and sampling like th rhythm. I am intrigued. Should I wait for the DT or try the OT again? Thoughts?


How much value do you assign to the extra features of the OT?


At least wait for the full specification of the DT to be released.


You can get a secondhand OT for about 850 these days. Not much more than the digitakt and it has a LOT more functionality. I would go for the OT. Its actually a simple machine if you just want to do drum programming.


Octatrack without a doubt unless OB is crucial to you

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i’m keen for the Digitakt

am weighing up both options, the inevitable decision will be based on £ $ € :wink:

I’m also worried the OT will be discontinued eventually and don’t want to buy an expensive piece of gear that will be replaced or MKII’d by next NAMM. The MD’s second hand price has really fallen since the DT announcement.

The OT came out in what, very late 2010 so is a shade over 6 years old. If the performance sampling thing is still part of Elektron’s wider road map then it probably is approaching time for a refresh in next 24 months. But, if all we did was postpone decisions for the next iteration we’d never buy anything!

In the UK, used OT’s are available for c£150 more than a DT. OT is a firm winner for me. If the OT had conditional trigs it’d be a landslide! A fairer “vs” would be DT vs MPC Live IMO.

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I’m an OT owner, I’ll take the digitakt for sure. My idea is to use the OT and the DT in this way:

Digitakt: percussive patterns
OT: loop player / long files / textures / synth loops

MPC Live is not for me, can’t really imagine to play a liveset clicking a touchscreen or doing weird multitouch combos with my fingers, it looks like a toy to me :slight_smile:

would be a killer setup :slight_smile:


In that battle the clear winner is MPC Live for me.

But then again I wouldn’t make any bones about the fact that I think with its currently-announced spec, the DT is a rip-off for £600.


And they’d have to announce something pretty spectacular for that to change. But to each their own, obviously.

Really? The DT has the far greater appearance of a ‘toy’ to my eyes. Not that I would class any piece of gear a ‘toy’. Well, maybe pocket operators. I do regard them as toys.


I don’t really see those 2 in same area. Like comparing a monosynth to a poly or something. DT seems more like a better (in some ways) electribe? Looks like it’ll be a fun box but I’d prob grab a used OT instead if poss.

Digitakt is going to be kickass

i would love to reinvest in an Octatrack though. love those machines so very much.

although i would need to install an orange screen, as bright white, although for most people is cool, is somewhat too much for my sense of studio atmosphere.

i like the new screen of the Digitakt.

Anyway the OT is a legendary piece of kit, although i could understand why some people might gravitate towards the Digitakt.

one of the things that is so cool about the Teenage Engineering OP-1 is its sheer power within a referential toy format presentation

I think it’s how close they are in price, yet how far away in spec they are from each other that is inviting comparison

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Yeah from available spec it seems a steep price. Seems you’re basically paying most of that for the sequencer? In terms of the rest of it - effects types/memory/performance stuff etc(scenes/macros/song mode/one LFO), monophonic samples, monophonic tracks, only 8 tracks etc etc, it looks super bare bones. Which is fair enough if it’s their ‘entry level’ box. But the price doesn’t fully balance with that idea. I spent most of my life thinking £600 was a ton of money for an instrument, most of my friends were the same…


Yes, I mean the OP-1 has all sorts of uses. The Pocket Operators don’t, so far as I can make out. They make blip noises which might be fun, but with limited application. That’s why I think of them as toys. Korg Volcas might not be the highest quality, but I expect if all you had were three of them you could make a pretty decent variety of music.

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