Norand Mono (Analog Bass Synth with Sequencer)

Give this a listen, it sounds pretty exciting, and it looks good to, with some good features.

A new hardware analog bass synth with sequencer fromsome of the same developers that did the Squarp. This thing has a ton of modulation sources.

An article about it from SynthAnatomy:

Their home web-site:


Damn that looks awesome!!

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€890,- is pretty steep for a monosynth.

I do like the design though. But not sure I’m to keen on every synth having their own sequencer (unless if it’s really exceptional).

…okay - just checked the demos. This thing sound amazing! Very rich and varied. Maybe I want one anyway :slight_smile:


Looks sweet. Nice that they’ve implemented patch locking in the sequencer.


Sounds very nice indeed.

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Looks awesome. Lots deeper than the front panel suggests. E.g. every knob on the top panel, (2 rows) has its own independent LFO and AD envelope.


Ow. Nice!

Through zero FM on an analog monosynth. I think thats a first. Sounds very cool!


Well this is definetly on the radar, seems to have some unique features even compared to Analog Four!

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First impressions - sounds pretty beefy. And the modulation specs are very, very impressive.

AFAIK outside modular - yes.

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I’m down.

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Lovely design and options are just incredible.
A bit scared of 666 price!

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I guess that just shows what a beast this synth is.


I was posting to another thread about synths with randomization, and saw that there is some good features for randomization with the Norand Mono. From their home page.

Creative Randomizer

  • Quandtized note randomizer
  • Ranged parameter automation randomizer
  • Step randomizer
  • Mod note randomizer
  • Microshift/Probability/Ratchet randomizer

Holy synth for evil money :slight_smile:

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Pretty nifty Synth. The modulations are huge. :exploding_head:

I’ve seen that the SequencerTalk will make an Livestream with the guys from Norand on next Tuesday.


A link to their manual:

This thing looks awesome — the real deal.

Just like the Squarp Pyramid defining its own space, i think the Norand Mono will too.


  • it does both East and West coast analog synthesis.
  • It has thru-zero FM.
  • An interesting high functioning analog multi-mode filter.
  • Mod Note Mode— Allows creation of up to 40 custom temporary patch or timbre per projects to be played and recorded.
  • Randomizer for page, pitch, step, parameter, accent, slide, and for the Mod Note Mode.
  • Separate Voltage outputs for, pitch, gate, modulation, and accent. This will be good with Eurorack.

I’m on the waiting list now.


The same two concerns for me, but I do like the sequencing options, and I have a use for sequencing on a compact bass monosynth. That price: it’s affordable, just more than you’d want to pay for this. Even so, I wait listed, so we’ll see how it goes at the moment of truth.

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Just landed. That’s this afternoon taken care of.


ooh la la, mine should arrive any day now too!