Your Setups (Part 1)

Korg MS20 would be my suggestion. it has a very flexible filter, and is readily available/reasonably priced with the reissue. should be different enough from the Moog and Vermona sound (which is also pretty Moog-ey) as well. Analog Four is also super flexible (but I personally didn’t like the interface much), both in filter and overall synthesis options/modulation/sequencing/etc.


Norand Mono might be worth checking out

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Agree with the Norand Mono recommendation. I was caught up trying to get an Avalon Bassline, but wasn’t able to get through to checkout. I’m actually glad now that I didn’t, because I really like the Norand. It keeps the spirit of the 303, but it’s just so much more flexible. It is still very hands on. I dig it.

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Aah that’s a great idea – I’ve always felt like the MS20 sound was more “aggressive” than what I was looking for, but I’ve admittedly not done much research on it.

Oh cool – I’ve seen the Mono come up a bunch in my research for a decent 101/202/303 alternative. I’m a big fan of the interface. Does anyone have any experience with what it sounds like?


I have some loops saved on my OT. If I get some time, perhaps I’ll post something.

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That’s enough for the time being.


Erica Db-01 Bassline is a good choice :wink:

@Fin25 is the Evolver going through the Acidbox Filter? that thing sounded incredible on my synths but i could never settle on a spot in my signal chain

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Evolver into A4 into Acidox.


Compared to some i dont have a bast ampull of devices, but still they started to feel a bit overwhelming siting there on my desk…

In a brash act I decided to pack everything up except my Octatrack and then add a single device to use with the Octatrack for a way to get more focused. And today I took out the QY70…

These two are a huge amount of fun! I feel like the QY70’s ability to be extremely vanilla really plays in its favor… the small amount of CC’s you can modulate can actually drastically change the sound.


Good idea!

Yes it is.
This and a DFAM into a DT ins to an OT and it is endless options.
Just took the plunge with OT a month ago and could not go back now :slight_smile:


Proper battle station. Love the symmetry.

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I’m struggling with the left side opposite the BAM. Annoying gap.

Might save up and put an Analog Heat there.


You must go for an MK II, it has a yellow display (orange for the MK I).

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Oto boum … Obviously !


Yeah I mean if it’s symmetry he’s after then the choice is obvious

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Prefer the heat.

I’m more about filling the space than I am filling the space with things that look the same.