What's the smallest analogue module *with presets*?

Only the SE-02 is analogue, and it’s still bulkier than I was thinking…

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The Dominion Club is pretty much the same size or slightly smaller that this. the Typhon sounds incredible and has FX too though.

MFB Synth Lite II has DCOs, but sounds analogue enough to me, and has presets (but is discontinued).

(I know this is unorthodox, but the Typhon sounds like a muddy mess to me)


Really? Have you tried one in person or listened only to demos/YouTube etc?

You know the answer :slight_smile: haven’t been to a shop for 8 months.
Although I don’t like the little screen either…

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How about the new Norand Mono ? That thing looks and sounds wild. That also has a sequencer, what looks to be a really fancy sequencer. You’d have to wait a bit for it to be released though.

Link to the manual:

DCOs are analog oscillators. DCO means digital controlled oscillator, it’s an analog osc, just digitally controlled.


Typhon still has MIDI sync issues.

not mentioned yet:
DSI Mopho/Tetra.

Yes, I did know, but it’s well worth you pointing that out for the avoidance of doubt (and to clear up my not spelling it out clearly enough too - cheers).

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Erica Synths DB01 is quite small and the ACB Roland Boutiques sound analogue-ish enough imho.

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yep, we need Analog-2 (or Analog-1) in digi-like format :slight_smile:

+1 to this. I’ve got a Shruthi (well…been borrowing one from a friend that I’m planning to buy from him) with the SMR4 MKII filterboard. It sounds killer and plays really well with the DN. Preset switching is super easy over program change, and there’s a ton of bank slots for your own sounds. There’s some fun FM algorithms for when you wanna get weird, and a good variety of oscillators. Very capable mod matrix, and you can use the internal sequencer as a mod source. Seriously great little box and is no bigger than a guitar pedal.

I also have an SH-01a which is great for obvious reasons!

AS-1 sounds the best, Tetra/Mopho are smaller. Also Minitaur/Sirin technically have presets, you can find used Minitaurs close to $300.

I don’t think it’s the smallest, though.

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Aren’t those ACB (Analog Circuit Behavior)?

SE02 is analog, the other are digital, but frankly, they sound quite analogue so I thought I’d mention them.


The new Moog Music Werkstatt-01.

Sorry, no Presets.

DSI Mopho fits the bill to a tee. Sounds great although limited interface for sound design from scratch. There are four assignable knobs which once set make it a good live tweaker.

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The Norand Mono is 300x150x42 (about a foot by 6 inches and an inch and a half thick) so we’re not talking large. That’s why I asked earlier if the O.P really wanted the tiniest — or was he talking smallest as a class ?

I know this is digital but perhaps someone makes an analog equivalent in a MIDI plug which would be the smallest.

H-Pi Flash_02
H-Pi Flash Synth World’s Smallest FM Synth. I think they were considering a virtual analog of this.

anode/triode by meeblip.
i think its got analog filter.
cant get much smaller.