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Audio editor - in edit mode when I “Save selection as sample” from record buffer it is not as loud as if I save use File page and use “Save and assing sample”. Is this expected behaviour?


Yes. Recorder buffer has +12db Gain in Attributes by default.




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It’s not a big deal, but i noticed my Octa has a constant noise of about -62db, even stopped ; the Octa is plugged on my digital mixer and while monitoring the levels on Ableton, i can see the levels like the image below. I also noticed the noise kind of change when i’m typing something on my bluetooth keyboard, so i suppose the computer has something to do with this. I keep the Octa’s USB cable unplugged.

Even with all inputs unplugged, i still get the noise.

What else can i check to stop this infamous little thing ?

EDIT : Nevermind, the USB cable from the Ob6 was guilty. After i unplugged it, no noise at all ! But why ?



Maybe RFI from your computer being demodulated in the OT’s analog audio chain? You could try getting some snap-on ferroid chokes and put one on each end of the USB cable as close to the jacks as possible. That may solve it, but it’s just a guess.


Hi, what am i doing wrong? :wink:

So sometimes when running sequence, presing track button doesn’t play sample. It (OT) for sequencer to go to first step and then plays sample once. When I stop sequencer samples play normally -> each track key press fires sample.
But if I enter liver record mode sample is triggered on each keypres.

Hmm i hope this makes sense :thinking:


Sounds like the sample is with a Quantize Trig setting (Audio Editor > Attributes, or REC SETUP 2 > QPLAY).


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Is there a way to disable the +12db gain on recorder buffers? gets a bit annoying having to set it to zero all the time. Or am I missing something? I’d just like the playback to be the same volume as what I monitor


The noobiest of all questions…

How do I make the volume knob control the main output? The day I got my OT I decided to not bother with it and I’d learn how to do that later…Well, it’s later lol.


It’s best to leave the +12db for buffers as OT attenuates the recordings, probably has to do with other settings that affect gain…

These are the settings I use for “unity gain” so that the signal coming out of the OT is the same level as the signal hitting the inputs for the various OT monitoring methods. There’s probably other settings that work, I might get back to exploring that once I have my computer again. For these I used Logic’s meters on a signal coming direct from a Little Phatty, and then through the OT so that it hit the same level…


Using headphones output as main output.


Press [FUNC] and turn the LEVEL knob.

By the way, there’s a handy list of key combinations in the manual.