Octatrack fx vs Heat


Good point. I actually spent a good chunk of time on that yesterday. I think where the Heat really shines, is when you apply all that movement to it. There’s a lot more to it than I thought, with the filter panning, the assignable envelope and the LFOs, and whatnot.

I’ve got something cooking hear, just an eight bar thing, but I’ll upload it in this thread for reference, get feedback from all these great Elektronauts on it. I don’t wanna give up the Heat until I know for sure it’s just not for me, not that I’m not using it properly.


sounds more like DT to me :grin:


Whilst I found that the heat did sound nice, I also found that I could get equivalent or better results elsewhere (AR, Modular, OT, etc) so I sold mine. However, as a self contained purpose built and easily modulated box of FSU it does represent good value, I bought it mainly for processing samples to be captured, but for that purpose I found that I was better covered with my existing gear, both in terms of flexibility and sound.

A4 vs heat

it might be so… from my point of view this little box is a all-in-one sounddesigner-tool (all the harsher distortions) and a sound-enhancing processor (Saturation, Clear Boost, Enhancement).

The next thing would be a compressor and a pure digital FX-unit


I had a bit of an interesting Heat experience yesterday. I’ve got my first proper track cooking on the Deluge now, and connected it to the Heat just to see what I could do with it, to make it tighter from the master. I managed to get a nice compression going, as well as some subtle but very much alive filter movement, using the Saturation circuit as a base and the second lp-filter.

However, I did find that the track lost a lot of its punch when I applied the Heat to it. It sounded quite rich and full without the Heat, and while tighter and perhaps more “right”, it also lost something through the Heat.

Or so I thought.

Turns out, as I’d dialed in my own Heat preset and worked it to fit the Deluge track, it became apparent that the track was actually missing something in the low end. It’s not that it was richer without the Heat, it’s just that I didn’t really hear what was missing until I applied the Heat. All the good stuff came out so clearly, that it became obvious what the track still needed.

Took me awhile to realise that. But it was quite the revelation, when I did.

Once this track is done, I figure I’ll upload it here for feedback, and do a few Heat on / Heat off-comparisons, to get your thoughts on if I’m using this thing right or not.


Does somebody uses the Analog Heat with the Octa ? Does it worth the super expensive price instead of using the Octa’s internal FX ?

Noob questions

Yes. Analog filters and distortions are really different and oviously better to my taste.
Add envelope follower and lfos and it becomes really original.

If you just want distortion I’d consider Analog Drive.


Slightly OT in the OT forum: I think I’m going to get a AH for my Octa (am on topic now ;-), can get a MkI for around 350€ used, and MkII retails for 650€, I didn’t find a used one yet. Worth the price difference?


Dammit, I can’t afford to buy an Analog Heat, but all this talk of them is making it harder for me to avoid thinking about it DX


I’ve wanted one for quite some time… I love the way samples sound on AR through some yummy analog circuitry… Bring a little of that to the Octa… Plus master filter with envelope and lfo, midi control from OT. :yum:

I can’t afford one at the moment either @tengig, we’ll live… If it’s our our destiny we’ll have one one way or another eventually… :smile: (If your listening Universe, I also kinda want a Digitone. :smiley:)


Digitone is so great. Totally in love with mine.


[I put this in what seems the right place…]


I have AH2 on OT outputs with DN into AB. I like that setup. OT direct out can sound a bit mmmm to me. When I can be arsed i sample into OT thru AH. That gives the best results but means moving a few cables around which somehow results in watching a shite horror movie instead.


Apparently just a screen / display différence.
I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the MKI at that price.


Grab a good mixer and you don’t have to rewire… Samplings where the funs at, for me anyway…


But I like shite horror movies…


Depending on user Octatrack itself is either a top notch fantasy film or a shite horror movie. :smile:


OT internal FX can’t come anywhere remotely close to what AH can do. OT can do an excellent amount and interesting qualities of different saturation and distortion but they are in a completely different (digital) realm than AH

didn’t really understand the value for myself it when it came out, and it was quite some time before I even considered to get one, but I now consider AH a fantastic design, fitting perfectly in the Elektron range as a pairing with any of the purely digital boxes. It is also rather modular given that it has two assignable CV inputs and a built-in envelope follower. Really pulls its weight in a wide variety of applications


Agree. It adds character to OT. IMO this makes up the gap in SQ for OT.


Yeah, I came to the same conclusion. That envelope follower… So I’m hunting for one right now. I have an official dealer nearby, got a great deal on my OT, I’ll try again on the AH :wink: but if a good deal on a used MkI shows up before I’ll take the plunge for sure