Noob questions

^ there’s a manual?! :astonished:

So today i discovered that i don’t know how to SOLO a track, audio or midi. It’s easy to mute, but is there a way to SOLO a track ?

In mixer mode, cue + track trig will solo a track


How do I clear a track back to a blank slate? Sometimes I have FX settings and playback settings and all that but I want to try out another sample on it and start fresh. I’ve tried func+clear but that doesn’t work…

I see I can go through and clear individual pages by holding page + play (clear) but that seems tedious.

I just rock two fingers back and forth real quick, one walking the page buttons. Takes about one second once your used to it, definitely less than 2… :slight_smile:


And another one!

Is there a way to record source 3 without a trig?! For instance, I have T7 set to record T6 as my src3, but all I want to record from T6 is the delay feedback. So I press play on the sequencer to get my delay feedback going, then stop to leave the delay trail going. You can press rec AB or rec CD to start recording from those inputs, but it seems to me there’s no way to record src 3 without using a trig? Am I wrong?

Haha thanks. I just started doing this.

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Track+MIDI :slight_smile:

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Is my problem that I have “quick record” (or whatever it is) turned on where I usually JUST press rec AB or CD and it starts? Can I still do Track+Midi with that setting turned on?

I don’t know I don’t use quick record… In the manual it says when using quick record to have recorder setup visible and just press midi, I would hope the track+midi method would still work without having to have a track selected and enter record setup…

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Hmm I thought I tried that but I’ll try it again

EDIT Just tried it and both methods work. Track + MIDI and rec setup open and just MIDI

quick record is amazing btw


It seems super useful for some scenarios but I usually have a lot of recorders and don’t want to have the track selected to use one, also I don’t really want to be able to accidentally press one and have it overwite a sample. Same for yes and double stop to arm one shots, I disable those to not accidentally arm one shots and prefer function+yes…

I’ve over time gone from pickups and one shot recorders to manual sampling and now my latest stuff I’m using solid record trigs and not pressing anything… At some point I’ll probably combine all four methods… :slight_smile:


I have a big sample in a static machine. I’ve set several slices. I put a trig and lock it only to SL 1. But it will play the entire sample anyway, even with the p-lock… What am i missing ?

I guess Playback Setup LEN is set to Slices and that Playback LEN is set to max. In that case Playback LEN values are in slice numbers.

(Slice on of course) To play 1 slice only, with Playback Setup LEN = SLICE, set Playback LEN to 1.
If you set Playback Setup LEN to TIME, set Playback LEN to max. In that case, Playback LEN is a division of the slice (64 is half).

Confusing, but I hope you’ll understand…


Bingo ! Thank you again :smiley:


On one island again!


Does Elektron send every Octatrack expert to islands ? Hope i can reach this point someday ! :smiley:


How do you guys carry your Octa (and Elektron machines) to gigs ? Any special advices / cases / bags ?

I use the PL-2 and a Rains backpack. For one gig I somehow managed to fit both my Octatrack and Monomachine in it, with a second, smaller bag for cables and power.

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Let’s say i have programmed some notes in a midi track. I know i can hold a step to see which note is on this step. But is there a way to hit play and see, in real time, the notes being played in this track ? Like the keyboard showed when you hold the step, stay fixed and shows the notes playing.