Noob questions


Well unfortunately shit happens, my Rytm has an issue in mute mode in which when you press a pad, another one is activated. I can’t send it to repair because i live in Brazil and i would have to pay almost a new unit in custom taxes, so i have to live with this.

But to be honest, a lot of equipment i have of other brands have small issues. My Ob6 have some faulty buttons and my Little Phatty got the keys yellowish after some time.

As long as the issues can’t stop me to make my music, i can live with them :stuck_out_tongue:


They were siriusly jocking I think. A hammer would have sufficed to fix your 1/4 millimeter “problem”. :smile:





Have I somehow missed some days? Is it already 1st of April?


Oh sheee, i was joking too…! Never sent it back nor anything :slight_smile: … not sure if sirius! :slight_smile:
But I was really at first just wondering if such misalignments are usual and how good is their quality control. I dont mind the misalignment… ok maybe a little bit! :wink: But it’s all good ppl :slight_smile:


Even if the last position is aligned, it is not sure that all marks correspond perfectly to crossfader values. You can check that in test mode (Fn+Power on, trig 1), watching leds while moving the crossfader.

Not perfect for me too. Not a big deal.


Will try that, thnx! :thup: :elot:


I wouldn’t care about the ends but I would actually sorta want to know the middle marker is the half way between parameters for some things like mixing and such, but it’s probably close enough. Can just use your ears anyway, for all I know mines not perfect either, never tested.

Edit: Rereading that post my ocd was relieved to read that on the left it doesn’t go to the end either, I thought it went past the end, so perhaps the middle is the midpoint. Sorry for being so serious, now time to get back to Sirius B… :smile:



Here is a noob one : Is there a way to mute / unmute an audio or midi track using a pattern’s trig ?

For instance, i want the pattern A2 / step 1 to start playing with T4 muted.


You can p lock the volume to 0 and send midi CC to the volume of your external synth, p locking that to 0 too.

But of course the volume would always be 0 on page 1 of that track. If you just want it muted for a bar and that’s it, you can work that out in the arranger or just do it by hand…


Adding to Gir’s options
-For audio tracks you can have a scene on that patterns part with vol or xvol at minimum and just unmute the scene at some point.

-For midi you can just have velocity set to 0 and raise it up when you want, I usually just mute the midi track before switching, if there’s a sequence there just move the track to another track where there wasn’t so you can have it muted before you get there.

-For audio and midi you can have those track as “plays free” and “start silent” and launch them quantized, probably the best way.

-For true mute/unmute automation only way is the arranger, I thought you were using this anyway, it’s what you call OT song mode…

-I’m sure there’s probably several other ways…


Can you not make scenes for MIDI parameters? I held down the Scene B button and twiddled some knobs in the MIDI arp section and nothing happened :frowning: Do I have some weird setting checked somewhere?

EDIT: Just read this in the manual: MIDI track parameters cannot be assigned to scenes. Anybody know why this is?

And since I’m asking OT MIDI noob questions, I can’t seem to do other parameter changes? So for MIDI T1 I’ve told CC1 to be 48. But when I go to CC1 it just says “off” and I can’t do anything about it? I can parameter lock it…into the off position lol

EDIT: And again from the manual: Holding function and pressing any of the data entry knobs will enable them. And again: Why? WHY OT?!


That let you mute/unmute CC send, not that bad. You can create templates with enabled CCs.

Concerning midi scene locks, maybe it’s a choice to avoid too much midi data. It would be great though, even with 2 or 3 parameters max.


I came to the conclusion that the midi engine is almost a distinct device in the same box and that they did some wizardry to share the UI between both. True or not, thinking so helps me not to waste too much time trying to figure out the impossible


You can use midi loopback and send midi commands from one midi track to another audio or midi track (and even to itself). Or if you have another midi sequencer running in sync, you could use that one. Could be hardware (like a Digitone) or software-based. Check out appendix C to know what midi commands are available.


A lot of your questions you can use the arranger for, I highly advise reading that section of the manual… :slight_smile:
I’ll answer these questions all day long because I’m an Octatrack obsessed forum geek. :grin:
But in case you haven’t, by reading the manual all the way through at least once it will help tremendously to even understand the answers, plus you’ll find shortcuts for things and functions/features you never knew existed. There simply is no way to understand the OT completely without doing so. And also usually forum answers point to certain functions of the OT and then you can just jump to that section to understand how those parts operate…


I think sezares right about bandwidth, OT has 8 midi tracks that can run double speed at 300bpm with 24 super fast lfos and 8 super fast arps down one midi cable, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could choke it already, never tested… And the enabling/disabling of the cc’s while having them keep their assignments is super useful, it allows flexibility if you want those sent when you switch to that part or not or if you want your midi track to run but start tweaking that CC live on the synth instead, maybe you want your midi track to run and enable them one at a time so the plocks start working as a progression, and other various use cases like that. If you don’t use that function you just enable them one time and never think about it again.


Nice ideas, thank you for the suggestions guys !

I’m starting to changing the way i was thinking to do my live… first my idea was to program the entire show on the arranger and hit play, so i’d be free to tweak knobs, add effects and play the synths.

but now i’m starting to prefer not using the arranger at all and instead organize each song in sequential patterns and change the patterns manually. this approach gives me more freedom to ‘stretch’ any pattern / song i want. if a song is working well, i can extend it, if not , i can shrink it. it’s all about jazz !

anyway one thing i’m sure : the day i’ll do my first live show, i’ll record it and put the link here to you guys watch, because this forum will be part of it… i learned so many things here ! thanks :slight_smile:


Now we’re talkin… F*ck song mode… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:
Get out there and jam!
Shake what cha mama gave ya! :smile: