Noob questions


Just to let you guys know that since i unplugged the USB cable from my Octa, i have no freeze episodes anymore and it’s been almost ten days ! :smiley:


Can the Octatrack send Program change / Bank commands over Midi ? I only see PB, AT and CCs on the Midi Fx…

For instance, i want to change my synth currently on channel 10, to bank 3, patch 118. Is this possible ?


Yes; if you set them on the midi setup screen for that midi track, they’ll be sent when the OT thinks it’s needed for them to be sent. So I think that’s on bank or part change, if the previous bank or part had different numbers in there.

At least that’s how my brain’s memory has it written down. I use this to choose patches on my blofeld.

Apologies if I’m talking rubbish… :slight_smile:


MKII manual, p. 91


Thank you very much for the info guys, i’m almost there but i’m still missing something. Here is the details :

  • I want to set the Ob6 synth to Bank 1, program 18. So the image below shows is how i configured the Midi Note Setup. I suppose when i set this way, everytime the first note is triggered, a Program change will be sent to the Ob6, right ? Somehow this is not happening, actually nothing is happening, the notes are being played, but no program change is being made ; the synth will play on the Bank / Program it’s set at the moment.

Any hints ?


In project -> midi -> sync do you have program change send on?


Unfortunately, no. Correct me if I’m wrong, but AFAIK it is sent only once at the beginning of a pattern. You can send another one with a different part (I didn’t try with part change but pattern change, with a different associated part). That is also a problem concerning OT prog changes / bank changes. Consecutive Control Changes with same values are also not sent.
I’d like an option to be able to change that behavior I don’t like.

Edit : With double stop you can send the prog change and default CCs values again, IIRC.
Also possible to send again the prog change and bank number by changing values, validate, set wanted values again. Practical isn’t it? :sketchy:


I think @sezare56 is right


The setting made here is sent every time a pattern linked to another part becomes active.


So i could confirm the Octa is sending the Program change correctly ; when i load a project, the Ob6 is going to the right program. But the same won’t happen for the Bank, the Ob6’s bank will not change. Any hints or this is more an Ob6 related issue ?


OT issue. It sends CC0 only. OB6 bank change is CC32 apparently. Please check.
If it’s CC32, check this (same principle) :


so Elektron seems to have used the only synth in the world which uses cc0 for bank change?


Pretty much. Read this topic for more:


Thank you , this worked ! Not so good as the ‘regular’ method, but at least i can do it putting a trigger on the step sequencer.

OT never fails to surprise me :slight_smile:


Is there a way to p-lock an entire track ? I’m trying a faster (and pattern-economy) way to do the following with only one pattern : i want the T2 plays only the 2:2 part of the sequence. I know i can do it per trig but this is a laborious task if you have lot of notes. Any other way ?

Thanks !


Could you elaborate? I don’t get it.


Not sure if I get it right what you are looking for but that’s what the arranger is for.


I think he wants to slap a 2:2 conditional on every trig on the track at the same time instead of trig by trig, this can’t be done. You could put on the locks, use 1/2 track scale and move the trigs if 1/8 note resolution is OK, or you can chain two patterns… Probably more ways…


You are correct, i was trying to find a way to do a 2:2 condition in every trig without having to do it trig by trig, but it seems there is no other way. Thanks anyway !


It can be faster if you copy trigs once you set TRC.

Other way with Play Free Track triggered by a midi track note, with TRC. Not very convenient.


Also if you set the first trig to 2:2 and subsequent trigs to PRE, they can at least be changed more easily down the line by changing only the first trig.