NAMM 2019 predictions / releases


Yes, unfortunately only a prediction but it’s not too unrealistic. Waldorf hires him for almost every synth (he even did his first synth designs for Waldorf) and he worked on the ti polar and darkstar, he would be perfect for the job.
Hopefully Waldorf is able to push the engine and feature set even more. One thing that made the Virus ti series so brilliant, was the countless upgrades the synth received, including complete new synthesis modes like formant and granular wavetables.
I would love to see that the Kyra inspires other companies to build more technological advanced digital synths.


Ok, in this case: Native Instruments teams up with uHe and Mutable Instruments, to build the ultimate hardware synth that makes any plugin obsolete!


God I wish that would be true


Overbridge 3.0
More FX boxes that can be sequenced like Empress Zoia


Haha, good point!


they all seem quite expensive at the moment. £500 ish is too high , though axoloti is cheap and seems quite similar in terms of what it can do , the hardware isnt as good though.

mod x , Mod duo , Empress zoia , the other one i cant remember.


I have no predictions but many dreams:
-Nord modular G3, yeah keep on dreaming…
-Elektron digitone keyboard with joystick, performance mode, deeper edit possibilities, all bells and whistles
-Behringer’s clone of the EMS VCS3 with all parameters cc control! Midi, cv gate etc
-Some sort of new Groovebox style gear like a cross between Electribe EMX1 and Elektron stuff!
-A machine that spits out generative music like my circuitbend Crashio SA2 but with stable and lots of control over the glitchyness!
-Some sort of randomizer machine that can bring new life to my old gear!
-A TE OP1 that’s the size of an Elektron AK with ribbons for scratching etc , joystick morphing, multiple screens, aftertouch etc
-An affordable Buchla tabletop synth thing like Moogs DFAM.


No prediction…just a wish…Microbrute 2 with the sound of th eMinibrute 2/s


Yeah, a boutique version where you can:

  • choose between emulations of the sound of classic sp models (sp202, 303, 404OG…)
  • pitch samples, dammit!!!
  • at least have access to 2 stages AMP env.
  • resample your patterns, sample line in over a triggered pad etc.
  • oh and old school Vinyl Comp


Ok, lets give it a try…

Roland boutique (or two)
Arturia Keystep Pro
Elektron Digi…something, but wishing for modern Analog Keys MK2 with at least double polyphony
Korg Volca and Mono/Poly synth
Pioneer/DSI polysynth


a boutique style sequencer too, I feel a decent sequencer is what holds back the 404 from other more popular samplers.


Yeah, that and inability to dial in swing afterward makes me mad each and every time.


I would have listed that as a strength, not a weakness…


Soma pulsar 23


No money but I can’t wait to see the final build…


Yip. I’m concerned the final price cuts my nads off.


Reality can be so disappointing. Nord would point you to their Nord Wave and then shrug their shoulders and wonder why you don’t want to buy the latest version of their electro/stage/organ, etc.


Ableton Nudge(like the push but smaller- comparative to the scale of Novation launchpad mini) would be awesome. Something easier for me to carry around with my laptop. Display could be of similar detail as the push 1- totally bus powered.

Or maybe remove the display and follow the trend of the NI Komplete Kontrol S series(might be a little obnoxious, but it would be more weildy than trying to make the push 2 portable)


Yeah to that I would say to Nord if you didn’t omit basic functionality on the Wave like syncing the lfos to midi clock I may have kept it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s the tax and delivery that really ramp it up. You can fly to Poland for 35£ return, cheaper to pick it up in person!